Solutions Full Baked

As an Architect I often am brought into situations where there are people a bit frustrated and angry.  With God’s help I found a solution once and have kept with it since.  I call this process “Common Solutions.”

The source of the angst is often that there are half baked solutions that are being yanked back and forth in a tug of war like toddler’s toys.

What I have found is that if one gets beyond the half baked solutions and gathers source information of needs, wants, and constraints, then we can, with the Grace of God, work together and come forward with common solutions.  It is amazing to watch the dissolution of tension that a common solution garners.

By Source Information, I mean that each person can share their needs, wants, and constraints, but they are asked to not speak for others unless the other wishes this.  Letting people put their own words in their own mouths leads to truer information.  I also encourage people to give me the data raw and to leave the organization to me.  I’d rather have a full information dump and not loose anything in prettying it up for delivery to me.  It’s up to me to organize, compose, and illustrate so they can see what they say.

This kernel has worked for me in small and large groups and certainly can work in other venues than Architecture.  I was the third Architect to design the same addition for a large church with lots of committees and was able to come to a design that all liked in a couple of weeks.  They were very happy after a couple of dead ends previously.

Faith, Patience, Prayer, Seeking God’s Will, can all help.

The creator is the core of the ongoing creation of creation.

Why not ride the wave instead of swimming amongst the swells crashing around you?

I did a talk on this entitled “Common Solutions” at Business Fundamentals Bootcamp in Boston in 2013.

Here is the closing slide:


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