Abort Abortion by Connecting Copulation

Killing People in mother’s bellies sounds  ..   …..






non life giving












Doing so, as we currently are, at the rate of 3,700 per day nationally and 115,000 per day worldwide makes the situation all the above exponentially beyond human comprehension.

Which is worse?

Using startling words that accurately describe a situation,

or using hiding words that pretend people are not affected and thereby enable more killing.

It’s been hard to come to.

I choose using accurate words.

I would rather use accurate words that enable more protection of People in embryo.

Another thing that can help is Joyful Corralling of Copulation.

Copulation creates People.

If we can lessen the creation of people by those not ready to raise a new person, we can lessen the killing of People in embryo.

A tall task.

The challenge is myriad.

Copulation is challenging to corral due to efforts to disconnect copulation from People production.  These efforts at disconnection come from simple selfishness, the physical urge, movies, television, magazines, , newspapers, websites, clothing, society, and formal evil.  A central tenant of formal worship of evil, satanic worship, is copulation disconnected from People production.

Society at large is so myopically hypnotically focused on disconnected copulation that it is worshipped.  Disconnected copulation is built up as a central need.  At 7:30 pm any evening on Television one sees one of two shows of the ongoing tale of disconnected copulation of those in the media.  See people magazine.  Watch any soap opera.

Promotion of “free” execution of this powerful desire without caring if it results in the production of People is omnipresent.

One of a myriad of examples is from some years ago when the United States of America won the gold cup in Women’s Soccer and when many were glued to their television including many young women, we were cut right from the celebration to a man walking among cubicles in an office asking each women he passed, “Do you want to have sex?”  And now we have to hear lengthy explicit commercials about erection enhancements that pour out of televisions and radios on family programming.

The irony of all of this is that the “freedom” of “free love” is a monumental lie.  “Free love” or the better term disconnected copulation is addicting, saddening, enslaving, confusing, spiritually degrading, and can lead to jealousy, misunderstandings, as well as violence beyond the violence of killing people in embryo.  Disconnected copulation can lead to pedophilia, rape, and incest.

The reality is that copulation corralled in The Sacrament of Marriage is more free, fun, enabling, life giving, spiritually positive, and Joyful.  Simply aligning with the Creator’s Will makes things flow and grow optimally.

Realizing that we are Loved at each moment and with each breath from birth to death is a good thing to focus on.

Realizing that this Love that we are Lavished with by our Creator welling up in us, showering down over us, gushing up around us, flowing on by us, in a shimmering, tinkling, bright, glowing Light of Love that enables us at every moment and every location and every situation affects us more to our core than copulation is helpful in this situation.

The Love of Our Creator is always available for full bar use and nourishing flourishing growth at every location and every time and every occurrence.

The Love of Our Creator is available to us and we can fully participate and be a Repeater Teamed with our Creator 24/7/365 ad infinitum.

Disconnected copulation conversely is much more limited and limiting.

Not only can it only occur in limited times and locations, addiction to this can limit our thinking and behavior and close us down to thinking and scheming and lying to achieve a few seconds of thrill.

Better to be striving to be open to the Will of our Creator and Grow and Flourish Optimally Teamed with our Creator building everything to its good.  Romans 8:28 …. based on The Jerusalem Bible.

So Grow Optimally Always and Optimize your Opportunity and Creation’s Opportunity by following the emanual, the Guidelines of God laid illustrated in the Bible and fully enjoy life throughout your life.

Then, if it is God’s will, when you are at that age, and from a position of power, strength, responsibility, and peace you can consider if you are ready to grow a person and ask the following.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to raise a new person?

Are you ready to support a new person?

Are you ready to Love a new person?

Then enter into the Sacrament of Marriage joining one man and one woman per the intellectual property of our Creator laid out in Matthew 19:5-9 and many other places.

If it is not God’s will and you wind up not being in a position to grow a new person, you can continue on Team with our Creator Optimizing Your Opportunity for Your Portion of the unfolding gorgeous Creation of Creation at Peace and filled with Jubilant Joy.

More simply put we are complete without copulation.

Breathing and eating, those we have to have.

Copulation, not so.

Abortion needs to be lessened a lot.

3700 for The United States of America per day and 115,000 worldwide per day is a self inflicted 9/11 each day.

The Spiritual Damage of this has to stop.

The best way is to stop the source.

The source of abortion is disconnected copulation.

Time to disconnect ourselves from the addiction of disconnected copulation.


I plead.

I cry.

People in embryo cry.

People in embryo feel the pain.

People in embryo dance.

People in embryo kick.

People in embryo roll.

People in embryo listen.

People in embryo hear.

People in embryo suck their thumbs.

People in embryo smile.

People in embryo wiggle.

People in embryo are People.

Amazingly, as saddened as God is by our actions in this situation and as burdened as we are in this situation, God still Loves us and yearns for us to get in line and OnLine with God’s guidelines.  We are instantly forgiven if we correct our course.

We have to approach communicating with each other about this Through, With, and In God in a Loving manner.

Anger is counterproductive.


I plead.

I cry.

Connect the Connection.

Abort abortion by corralling copulation into God’s Guidelines.

Have more fun.

Allow for more communal fun and joy as well as feelings of self worth.

Allow for greater communal Spiritual Joy.

And watch the economy of money grow after we get the economy of morality fixed!

All Glory and Praise and Thanks to God.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether you like it or not.  😉


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