Love Laughs at Lust

Being ruled by Love bests being ruled by lust.

Enabled versus enslaved.

Building Joy versus seconds of thrills.

Contributing to Creation versus myopic self centered inward spiraling.

Empowering versus addiction.

Beauty versus killing people in embryo.

Teamed with Creator versus alone and lost.

One is a wind blowing across the land, the other negative spiral whirling us down.

Teamed with Love of God in Sacrament of Marriage per Matthew 19:5-9, lust and Love combine for beautiful beauty when the connection is made to creating new people, babies.

It is amazing the the Nazi promoted protocol of killing people in embryo has been so embraced by those posing to care more.

We self inflict a 9/11 catastrophe on ourselves each day with abortion.

3700 killed each day here and 115,000 killed each day worldwide.

Fancy words don’t cover it.

False words don’t cleanse it.

Being able to have “free” sex does not justify it.

We have to clean up our “act” in how we “act” towards each other and see each other and treat each other.

Look for Love in all the right places in all the present places.

Where you are, when you are, and with who you are, at all times, all locations, and all situations, Love!  Love!  Love! with the All Spectrum, All Powerful, All Loving, Shimmering, Glistening, Glowing, Radiating, Enabling, Embracing, Nourishing, Enriching, Love of our Creator teamed with You for the other and others you are which at each moment and always be Building up the Love of God.

This is so much better than submitting to enslaving addiction of lying idyllic images and isolated instances of 30 second thrills that can lead to killing people in embryo so that we are “able” to keep the disconnect between copulation and creation of people.

So, so, so much better to team with God.

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …. .

Build yourself and others up and up.

Build Joy.

Share and further the Good News and Love of our Creator.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether You like it or not.  😉


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