Shiny Rusty Shell or Growing Flourishing Bounty

Darkness, disappointment, and despair is rife with Republicans at this juncture and understandably so.  Our hope for guiding the common course away from the three things below did not reflect in the elections.  However we have to not let the darkness overwhelm us, we need shine forth joyfully and overwhelm the darkness, no matter how dark.   We have to keep praying for our leaders, whomever they may be, as mandated in:  1 Timothy 2:1-2   My advice is that, first of all, there should be prayers offered for everyone – petitions, intercessions and thanksgiving – and especially for knings and others in authority, ……

1  Theft of the Sacrament of Marriage.  God’s clearly defined in italics intellectual property in a myriad of verses including Mark 19:5-9 is more than a word.  We hoped for steering clear of this thievery since the real target and effect is to edit, censore, and silence the Body of Christ, The Church, Word of God that existed “from the beginning”, see beginning of the Gospel of John.  This editing, censoring, and silencing of The Word of God is the actual target of this terribly misguided effort.  It is not about the frilly sales lines of fairness and equality.  The First Amendment to The United States Constitution as well as the whole Genesis of our Nation with Pilgrims sailing in search of religious freedom, guide us towards and guarantee religious freedom.  If these thefts of God’s intellectual property are not reversed, the “freedom of religion” challenges of this topic will dwarf those of requiring taxpayers to pay for the killing of women and men in embryo.

Marriage is much more than a word.  It is a root, rock, foundation, and core Sacrament.  Women and men are not only married to each other, but we the people as The Church are a Bride Married to Jesus Christ.  Marriages occur and are clearly defined throughout The Bible.  God owns marriage.  Marriage is God’s intellectual property and deserves the same protection that we offer Coca Cola.  We altogether, who are Jesus Christ, the Body of Christ alive and beautiful today, will be seemingly guiding people towards something that God clearly and constantly has guided people away from:  electing homosexual activity.  Already this effort has sought to claim that those electing homosexual activity have no choice.  So we can now no longer have choice in how we copulate, read it is God’s fault since God made me that way, but we can have choice to kill women and men in embryo?  Choice words!  I do not concur.

I think it important that we allow for those who are sinning in homosexual activity be allowed to share insurance benefits and visit each other freely in hospitals and other arrangements that are similar to marriage.  I never opposed the creation of civil unions.  James 3:2 notes that we all do the same sin over and over.  We have ours.  If the term civil unions was not a desirable enough of a word it is fine to coin something new like “mated” which I have suggested previously.  There are of course limitless other new words that could be coined without engaging in thievery.  It is not fine to steal Marriage and seek to change God’s guidance.  God does not concur and has always been clear that those who seek to mislead will receive harsh punishment.

2  Constant carnage.  Our daily self-inflicted 9/11.  Our war with ourselves.  Embryonic killings.  With 3,700 daily  nationally and 115,000 daily globally, the killing of women and men in embryo is our daily self inflicted 9/11.  Again this is a word wrangle that we are wrestling with.  It has taken me years to dare to refer to abortion with other words that do not gloss over.  Fear of the sneers and shrieks and labeling are powerful.  I know though I am not an extremist, I am not an ex-dreamist, I am a dreamer’s dreamer.  And my tears of the constant carnage won out.  Opening myself to the reality of this constant carnage of killing women and men in embryo has made it difficult to get up and do a day more than once.  This killing and the volume of it is extreme.  We have always had wars with much killing.  This is another war, albeit way weird.  That helps me get up and go.  By just knowing others have gotten up and lived their days in the face of the deaths of wars helps me trust that even amidst these floods of blood, God is Loving, Calling, and Caring to each and every one of us as well as Guiding us towards a better course.

The goal has to be the reduction of the constant carnage.  We recognize that there will always be some people who will elect to kill people in embryo no matter the laws.  The reasoning has been that by allowing this killing to be safe and legal, at least the mother isn’t also put at risk of injury or death.  Of course having less death is preferred.  There are so many ruses with this it is hard to know where to begin.  Any surgical procedure is a risk.  The mother involved in these procedures loads herself with a plethora of problems:  Abortion Risks

Killing of women and men out of embryo or in embryo is wrong in any event, yes even in cases of rape and incest.  I heard a radio show that featured a number of people that either survived abortions or whose parents came close to killing them in embryo.  All of the ones that I heard during the time that I was listening came from a rape or incest situation and they were all grateful that their mother’s chose to allow them to flourish.

It amazes me that this Nazi concept foisted by Margaret Sanger has been so bought hook line and sinker by those claiming kindness, caring, and superior intelligence.  Anyways here is a resource that does a pretty balanced ongoing review of legalized killing of people:


I know I know, killing of people doesn’t sound that good.  As mentioned it has taken me a long time to get to the point of using those words.  It is honest though.  I hope and pray that if we use more honesty in describing what we do, we will use more honesty in realizing what we do, and then we will do better.

An now to volume.  Honestly my focus is not so much on the laws.  We had abortions long before they were legal that were a normal part of deciding for the life of the mother in a variety of situations and we had those doing illegal abortions.  I will and would seek to make abortion on demand illegal, however that is not my main focus.  My main focus is on reducing the volume.  Two of the ways that I have thought of to reduce volume are to honestly describe the killing and to endeavor to work on the supply side.  If we can corral copulation by connecting copulation & creation of a new person, there won’t be as many women and men in embryo to kill.

Previous posts have dealt with this, but the main idea is that True Love that is ever present and effervescent and so much more powerful than isolated, enslaving, disconnected, addictive, violence prone, depersonalized 30 second thrills.  If we can sell people on the Glorious, Shining, Shimmering, Powerful, Glistening, Tinkling, Gushing Love of our Creator and Best Ever Lover that is Constant and Continuous and Enabling and Encouraging found by praying and reading The Bible and going to Church and going OnLine and OnVine working everything to it’s good, Romans 8:28, then we will have more fun, treat each other with more respect, and things will overall flow better and grow better, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we can be Always Loving Everywhere Everyone Everyplace Every time instead of waiting for isolated, myopic, seconds.  Yeah I know that ran on and is a run on.

My goal is to challenge Hollywood and the Media with their pushing of disconnected copulation and to show their responsibility for the volume of this constant carnage.  The seductiveness of disconnected and irresponsible copulation is nothing new.  We read about it in the Bible over and over.  The benefits of Life OnLine and OnVine with our Creator are Multiply Myriad as well as Magical and Mysterious.

In sum if we can respect each other and Love each other more and properly according to God’s Guidance in The Bible, the Sacred Scriptures, we can reduce the constant carnage by not engaging in Adultery, disconnected irresponsible copulation outside of The Sacrament of Marriage as defined in Mark 19:5-9.

God’s Guidance, The Bible, is a Great Guide.

3  The Shiny, Rusty, Deteriorating Shell of an economy.  We were hoping for Kindling the Economy with a reduction of taxes along with the structure of appropriate regulation so as to flourish the economy and thereby throw off more revenue for the government of a lower percentage of this increased volume.  With this we hoped for then people becoming in demand by businesses as they grow and create real, meaningful, jobs.  We hoped for people to be in demand versus having people milling around and demanding assistance.  We hoped for flourishing, growing, meaningful jobs that are a result of flourishing, growing, bounteous businesses versus one year positions propped with borrowed money.

Enough of Stimulus, we need oxygen!

We hoped for realization that money grows out across the horizon when it is healthy and is not healthy when brought by decaying, shriveling, umbilical cords from Washington.

We hoped for a Growing, Flourishing, Bounteous, Economy with plenty of real and healthy money for all, than further deterioration of a shiny, rusty, deteriorating, hollow, empty, tinny, drooping economy with faux fixes.

With all this darkness though we are charged with remaining Kind, Caring, Cheerful, Joyful, Loving towards All, and Shining.  We are to “redeem” the age in which we live.  We are to be the stars shining in this darkness.  We are to reach out to every other person as we are all Children of God and listen and engage in conversation.  We are to be open to hear God talking and present in them and seek to build them up.  We are to do works of charity with a smile.  We are to build up good individually and collectively and so send out waves of good across the horizon.  The darkness is dwarfed by the Light of Christ and we are The Light of Christ OnLine with our Creator.

Something I learned from hockey is to get up quickly after a fall.  Keeps from others gloating and our moping.

Chin up.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Offa, Saint Octavian, all the Angels, your Guardian Angel, and All the Saints whether you like it or not.  😉


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