G.O.P. God Guided Growth

We praise you God thank you and honor you.

Lots of chatter about about Republicans in The United States of America needing to steer clear of sacred topics and isolating ourselves to money topics.

I say that the problems are that we have been back on our heals on sacred topics and not clear about the benefits of going OnLine and OnVine with our Creator.  Additionally we have to trust more in God and do sacrificial giving.  We need to reach out to all of God’s children of all skin colors and all nationalities and all religions and all political parties and all occupations and all educations and all philosophies at all times in all situations and in all locations giving our money, Love, guidance, conversation, friendship, and time until it scares us.  Of course our money is “ours” with God.  We have money because of our efforts and God’s graces and so it is jointly owned by both of us.  We need to trust that God will reward us with even more bountiful blessings of additional time and money if we reach out and assist those in worse stations.

In all of our lives and when reaching out we need to acknowledge the great part of our support and ability we receive from God openly, freely, and clearly so as to inspire others to avail themselves of the same co-operative living arrangement with our Creator working everything to it’s good.

Wisdom 15:3   to acknowledge you is perfect virtue

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …. .

We need to perform the “heresy” of acknowledging God a lot.

We need also to perform the “heresy” of not enabling killing of men and women in embryo by using words that gloss over this gruesomeness.

We must also defend the Sacred Word of God and not allow for the theft of the intellectual property of God, Marriage, and turning of a Sacrament into a sin and a sin into a Sacrament.  We must not allow putting of false words in God’s mouth and misguiding people to appear that God is guiding them to sin.

We must to all of this lit up with the Love of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit with Kindness, Caring, and Concern for all.

We must do all of this always seeking to sell people on the Good News that God Loves them where they are and with what they have done so far and has a great set of guidelines in The Bible, the emanual, to help things go and grow optimally for the rest of their lives.

We must not just reach out to those easy to reach out to.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, all the Angels and all the Saints whether you like it or not.  😉


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