Radiant Root Riches

The challenge of many ages and acutely of this age is that of root, core, and shell.

We begin life necessarily rooted to and connected to our Creator.

As we age we become over focused on the shell of who we are and allow the works behind the surface, and the Creator behind the works, to carry on unattended.  We become too impressed with ourselves and think we can, and must, make it without mention of the Creator.  We even forbid mention of our Creator.  We become self centered and subject to being subject to addictions and enslavement in sins.  We seek to build ourself up instead of building ourselves up.  We wind up with desperate disparate divisive divisions within a country and people without basic necessities of food, water, clothing, sanitation, and shelter while others have abundance.

We wind up with the shiny pretty shell of a nation that is loosing it’s allure as debt piles up instead of abundance.  We see generations coming up and finding no work.  We see personal debt mirroring the vacuum of our national debt.

The solution is simple.

We simply seek the Radiant Root Riches.

We need to ween ourselves of the surface sinful enslavements of lust, power, money, and copulation disconnected from The Sacrament of Marriage as defined in Matthew 19:5-9.

Karl Marx had a tiny bit of truth when degrading religion as an opiate.  He was only right in that it is powerful and that it can bring relief from pain.  Marx was incorrect in the portion of this assault in that religion is disabling and addicting and disempowering.

When we open ourselves fully to be OnVine with the Root of Jesse, we flourish optimally beyond our comprehension and are enabled, freed, and empowered to assist in the positive growth of the rest of creation that we interact with.

Gaining these Radiant Root Riches that are available at each and every moment, location, and situation to each and every person in their Vital Core is how to regain abundance for all.

Gaining these Radiant Root Riches is achieved by following The Word of God which has existed from the Beginning.  John 1:1-……

Gaining these Radiant Root Riches is achieved realizing that the money we have is our Creator’s and giving beyond our comfort level to Church and charities and trusting that our Creator will provide for us Richly helps us and all.

Gaining these Radiant Root Riches is achieved by giving up clutched & cramped control and allow for Co-Operation with our Creator in a Co-Pilot interaction working every thing to it’s good.  Romans 8:28 The Jerusalem Bible.

The problem is that we are self centered balls in a pinball machine bouncing from frightened fear to frightened fear with a dwindling, dying core.

We know that our shell is getting hollower and hollower.

We know that the needs and numbers with needs are becoming greater.

We need to realize that there is not enough static stuff disconnected from the Root to spread around.

We need to realize that the more that we get more people from all situations and positions OnVine and OnLine, the more amazing abundance will burst and flourish.

The dynamo who is the Creator of Creation can create abundance out of seeming nothingness if we care for the Vital Core for all people.  This flourishing will happen from those served and those serving as we are all rooted equally.

The Provision comes from the Radiant Root Riches of our Creator and we are a Co-Operator.

Overtly acknowledging the interaction with our Creator along with a good dose of Love for our Creator and dialogue to boot will presto convert things from desperate, hollow, and scary to Abundant, Gushing, Joyful, Flowing, Fountains which will have plenty of vitals and vittles.  So hook up even if it is verboten to say God or acknowledge God or thank God or pray to God.

Wisdom 15:3   to acknowledge you is perfect virtue

Seems foolish.

Is flourish.

When we seek for all to flourish instead of self to flourish, self flourishes more.

We need help.

The Creator will if we follow our Creator’s Will.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not.  😉


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