As beneficial as being online is to a computer, so being OnVine is even more important to a person and groups of people.

Being OnVine Rooted to our Creator is a connection that is always there for everyone and can be furthered into greater wattage and amperage over time by opening ourselves to the optimized opportunities of Co-Operative Operation with our Creator working everything to it’s good.  Romans 8:28 The Jerusalem Bible.

This connection is developed via and consists of opening, giving up the controls, and getting glimpses of the Lavishing Layered Love that we are washed with gushing from fountains above, below, left, right, front, back, and within.

Over time our days become dances with our Awesomest Lover as we are guided in our steps beyond beauty and joy.

We become then repeaters of this Lavished Love which is beyond comprehension encompassing both the “seen and unseen.”

Going OnVine with our Creator is optimized by reading the manual, the emanual, the directions, The Bible, the Sacred Scriptures, as well as praying, going to church, and performing charity.

Going OnVine with our Creator is advanced by being guided by our Creator.

Going OnVine with our Creator is advanced by communicating with our Creator by name.

Waves of Good ripple and domino out causing others to be inspired to go more OnVine and become repeaters.

Those impoverished to those with many monies can always improve their OnVine connection and their real riches and their real empowerment and become most ably enabled.

Everyone can help improve the improvements with prayer and a Co-Operative with Creator day and life and all can help improve things with more food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and stuff.

Karl Marx’s claim that Religion is a disabling dumbing opiate of the people is absurd and silly.

Going OnVine empowers, enlivens, optimizes, and enables real improvement in status and quality of life instantly.  From this Rooted Radiance with Real Riches all can participate to build up and better all of the Ongoing Creation of Creation most very optimally and joyfully to boot.

There are seeming contradictions and injustices that persist.

However they are on the wane and totally dwarfed by the inner glowing flowing radiant riches and beauty of Lives OnVine Glowing and Growing Gorgeously.

The star shine no matter the darkness of the darkness and eventually with enough we have a milky way.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Neachtian, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not.  🙂


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