For Love Marriage Fix

For Love.


We need to fix Marriage.


We need to undo the State’s thievery of The Sacrament of Marriage and the States crossing of the Churches wires to make the Church say that what our Creator says is a sin, choosing homosexual copulation, is a Sacrament.


It is not OK for Doctor Pepper to stick a Coca Cola label on it’s product.


It is likewise not OK for people choosing homosexual copulation to stick the Church’s label on their arrangement.


Those choosing homosexual copulation would be fine to coin a new name for their new arrangement without reaching into the heart and core of the Church to  force the Church to pretend that the Church is blessing a sin.


Real Love in Co-Operation with our Creator is so much richer and alive than life offline.


For Love of Love we need to undo this massive violation of the separation of Church and State, return the stolen goods, and coin a new name for this arrangement that is not Blessed by our Creator.


I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary and lots of other Angels and Saints.  😉


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