Indebtedness Addiction Adieu



Investments, Investments, Investments carps the current President at the 2012 State of the Union Address.


He meant, meant, meant something much more mean.


He meant Indebtedness, Indebtedness, Indebtedness.


Deepening, debilitating, destructive, demeaning, defeating indebtedness.


We have had way more than enough of shocks, stimulus, and deepening indebtedness.


We have had enough of faux, false, fake, flash in the pans.


We need Oxygen!


We need Oxygen!


We need Oxygen!


Oxygen brought by removing deepening, debilitating, destructive, defeating indebtedness and lightening the other loads of taxation and regulation as well for wellness that is real.


Less, Less, Less.


Not more, not more, not more.


We need Oxygen of less debt, less taxation, and less regulation to kindle the economy to grow real, sustainable, vibrant, valuable money and real, sustainable, vibrant, valuable businesses which will create real, sustainable, vibrant, valuable jobs with people needed by these blossoming and flourishing businesses.


From there, we will have money to invest.


For now, we have no money to invest.


Demand for People is far better than People reduced to demanding assistance and despair.


Enough with the stimulus, We the People, need Oxygen!




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