Real Rooted Riches

Rooting and reaching and searching for riches.

Root Solution is loosening up and hooking up to go OnLine with the Light of Life dwelling within You.

Release the Riches of Life in line with guidance of our Creator and OnLine with our Creator Living Co-Operatively with You working everything to it’s Good.  Romans 8:28 (Jerusalem Bible)

Richness of Soul.

Richness of Participation.

Richness of Co-Operation.

Richness of Flow.

Richness of Solutions.

Richness of Achievements.

Richness of Helping.

Richness of Working.

Richness of Building.

Richness of Designing.

Richness of Flourishing.

Richness of Kindness.

Richness of Growing.

Richness of Money.

Richness of Food.

Richness of Homes.

Richness of Transportation.

Richness of Clothing.

Richness of Kindness.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not forever and always at each moment, location, and situation.  Lots of Angels and Saints do too.  😉


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