Good God Sweet Sales

The freeing and enabling and empowering and embolding and nourishing and enlivening and encouraging and instilling and endearing and caring and caressing and enlightening and embodying Sacrificial Love that is showered on us from above, gushes up around us, wells up within us, washes on by us from all sides all at once and at all times and at all situations and at all locations and at all scales in the seen and in the unseen to which we are yearned for and cared for and invited to go OnLine with through the lines of Sacred Scripture, The Bible, God’s Guide, e manual, emanual, with “God with Us” also known as Immanuel or Emmanuel and be repeaters of this life giving enabling Flooding of Loving with the balance of Creation and contribute to the optimized ongoing unfolding and growing of the Creation of Creation is altogether overwhelming and our optimum opportunity while breathing.

Our role as we roll along is to share and grow this Lavished Love.

That we, through the ages, have mistaken the isolating and enslaving myopia of thrills of irresponsible and disconnected copulation as being better than focusing first on the Full Live Love Affair that we have with our Creator, Jesus Christ, from our conception through our death and into eternity is not new, although foolish.

What is of note is the “heard of swine” rushing for the cliff nature of the numbers drawn to the wrong dark chained road when we at all times have full bar connection offered to Bigger, Better, Bolder, and the most Beautiful we can be with the Great I AM as Co-Operator working everything to it’s good.  Romans 8:28 The Jerusalem Bible.

It is, yes, because of misuse of the media with virtually every television show and movie selling the sin of Adultery not only for those of the opposite sex, but those of the same sex.

Yes, this technology is being used to sell the long, wrong, dark, enslaving, sinful, rutted road and all this digital media moves the wrong around rapidly in waves and dominoes.

But we can use this technology and media for good on the lower scales, platforms, and locations which can be repeated and shared and passed.

Good is better than bad and so, at it’s core, causes the hearts of those who hear it lift.

And we have to remember the technology of being with and breathing with and listening to and conversing with those we are with openly with guidance from and Caring from our Creator and not always knowing how or where the conversation will be guided by our Creator.

We have the better stuff to sell.

It works better.

It is better.

Good is better then bad.

God is Greater than evil.

It is up to us to open up and Grow and Flow and Lavish Lit Love as repeaters of the Lit Love Lavished on us.

It’s a back and forth.

It’s an ebb and flow.

We must stop being overwhelmed and frozen by all the “back” and have fun forthing.

Remember Saint Patrick.  He was the only one on the island Looped on to Love at first.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as does Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Faustina, Saint Michael, Saint Therese Lesieux, Saint Rafael, Your Guardian Angel, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not at all times, all places, and all situations with full signal connection complete and ready to roll.  😉


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