Equality Cloaked Thievery

Dr. Pepper may not use the name Coca Cola on it’s packaging.

Nor should arrangements of mating two people of the same sex be able to use the name that has been clearly defined in Matthew 19:5-9 and elsewhere in Sacred Scripture in italics for thousands of years predating all governments extant.

Those wishing to establish such a different formula may do so with a new name.

I have suggested “mated” in the past.

Be creative.  Don’t steal.

They may not use the State to steal the intellectual property of God.

They may not use the state to restrict religious freedom so as to make it illegal to say what is sin.

They may not use the State to edit the Word of God, which in the beginning of the Gospel of John we learn has been here since “the beginning,” and make a sin a sacrament.

It is OK for the State to copy some of the concepts of the arrangement but it is not OK for the State to change the Church.

More here:  https://tfallon.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/case-for-the-sacrament-of-marriage/

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the angels and all the saints whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not.  😉


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