Counter Westboro Evil with Love


Trojan Horses and Double Agents are what to think about with Westboro Baptist.  They are not selling the Good News of the Immense Love of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit that is showering down on everyone, welling up within us, gushing up by us on washing around us.  They are not calling people to go OnVine and OnLine with Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit in a Pilot/Co-Pilot manner with our Creator working everything to it’s Good.

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …. .

Their goal is to discredit The Church and by confusion and chaos and hate try to frame The Church, The Word of God, and Jesus, as confusion and chaos and hate.  This is so patently absurd it deserves a patent.

It is clear that they are not genuine since they also do these protests at the Southern Baptist Convention.  Here is a link that mentions this although it unfortunately gets a bit into trying to counter hate with hate:   Delivered by Grace

Of course this is all so sad not only for the caustic in your face affronts at times of immense sadness and vulnerability, but also for making our greatest resource at all times, and that to which we return in crisis, our Creator, our Lover, our Faith, appear to be a detriment instead of a resource just when we need it most.

God is not absent ever.

That confused and evil people as well as confused and evil spirits like to try to harm people and muck up the relationship between people and Creator is not new.

The goal of evil people and evil spirits is to build up hate.

To counter this we need to not engage in their game or goal.

We must build up Love.

We must build up Love not only for the victims and their families.

We must build up Love for the public servants and medical personnel that have risked and served.

We must forgive and build up Love for even the Westboro Baptist confused congregation and seek to convert them to kindness and caring which is the foundation of the Good News.

Evil people and evil spirits are thrilled by all the vitriolic responses to their vitriolic spews.

That is what they want.

That is why they do this.

That is their goal.

That is their gain.

Our engaging in vitriolic responses is falling into their trap and letting them win.

Please don’t let them win.


Please know that Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit Love each and every person at each moment, at each location, and in each situation and that they yearn for relationship.  Please know that you are not isolated from our Creator but that Jesus is within you and Loves you.  Please know that you are valued, valuable, and amazing.

Please be creative, say your prayers, build up Love, and Share Love and don’t be drawn to vitriolic spewing.

Say your prayers.

Listen for God.

Read Sacred Scriptures, The Bible.

God will speak to you there.

God will whisper to you if you forgive, pray, read, and be still.

Host Jesus, and do Jesus’ work.

I can hear hymn singing of lots and lots of people dwarfing and building high over any efforts of the dark side.

I can see lots and lots of positive banners celebrating the Love of our Creator for all of Creation.

I can see a lot of people arm to arm and shoulder to shoulder raising praise to our Creator and crying for those lost and injured.

We can counter evil with Love and Good and if we do, we will win.

Romans 12 in its entirety.

We obviously have the numbers as long as we don’t get lost in their game.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit, as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Theresa Lesieux, Saint Michael, Your Guardian Angel, all the Angels, and all the Saints, whether you know it or not.


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