Freedom War

I have long thought that the 9/11 and war on terror were misnamed.  It is fuzzy.  With yesterday’s attack on citizens of Boston, what comes to me is that we should name this ongoing situation The Freedom War.  We’ve had New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq in theater and now Boston.  The effort on the opponents is to have one world religion and one world law, Islam.

Our efforts are to continually discover the Amazing Shining Love of our Creator that is Enabling, Encouraging, and Freeing.  Our goals are to share this Love and be repeaters of this Wave of Goodness.

So I say we are in a War for Freedom.  Our roles are varied.  At our core the cause has to be Rooted, Layered, and Laced with the Love of our Creator and a call to relationship with our Creator.  As anger prone as this is we need to move forward Forgiving, Loving, and calling to Conversion from hate to Love.

Yes some of us will be in this in a military role, but most of us can be praying and saying and sharing the Love of our Creator.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, Saint Michael, Saint Joan, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, all the Angels, Your Guardian Angels, and all the Saints whether you know it or not.

Prayers for all those involved with yesterday’s attack in Boston.


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