Core, Clear, & Bright Love


The feeling of our Creator for all of Creation, and particularly for all People, is at the root and core clearly Love.  When you look at the totality of The Bible, what seems contradictory on the core fades away and the Light of Love and God’s Guidance to an Optimized Opportunity while we are living draws our hearts to this Bright Love.

Psalm 119:130  As your word unfolds, it gives light, and the simple understand.

By hearing God’s Guidance, stepping in those paths, and feeling the Root, Core, Bright, Shining, Shimmering, Love that showers down over us, gushes up around us, and wells up within us, we are enabled, encouraged, and freed from enslavement of sin and the resultant chaos, confusion, sadness, emptiness, and despair.  We have an internal compass and power plant and can more calmly move forward through the chop of life.

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …. .

And then we build up optimally not only our own lives but those of others around us with positive dominoes and waves of the Love of our Creator for Creation.

2 Corinthians 13:5    … Christ is in you …

Yes there are some things we are guided away from that we might not agree with and people get very emotional about such as abortion and choosing homosexual copulation.  However, the guidance is always rooted, layered, and laced in Love with the intention of optimizing our opportunity for a Life lived in Love for each breath.  This is not love on a shelf waiting for a possible chance on Friday Night.  This is Love with each breath, moment, day, and situation, from conception through eternity.

We are all sinners and all have things that we can improve upon.  The vitriolic attacks on people for a particular sin is not of God.  Our Creator’s guidance is Gentle and Loving.

James 3:2   Everyone of us does something wrong over & over again.

The means and feeling of our Creator’s opponent in all situations is muddying, confusing, and chaotic.  Often times our Creator’s opponent presents evil while claiming good to add to the confusion.

Our Creator’s opponent likes to dress up and play double agent or come in as a Trojan Horse.

Our Creator’s opponent’s stock and trade is anger, violence, chaos, vitriolic spewing.

Our Creator’s opponent’s goal is to have us engage in, got lost in, and get enslaved by anger, violence, chaos, and vitriolic spewing.

When we engage in this, our Creator’s opponent wins and we loose.

We have the ability through prayer, discernment, research and Guidance from our Creator to respond kindly instead of in kind.

Romans 12, whole chapter.

This is limitless, powerful, and can take many amazing forms.

One thing that the media could do that crosses my mind is to by their own free will choice, not cover the Westboro Evil Clubs antics.  Think of the empty benches at the Kermit Gosnell trial.  Although the media’s choice at the Kermit Gosnell trial was terrible, it illustrates that they have free will and can choose to not cover the vitriolic caustic spewing of the Westboro Evil Club.

For those attending to support the families at these services with God’s Guidance will come up with many other things to counterbalance our Creator’s opponent.  The largest thing being the larger numbers that we naturally have.  Let’s build those numbers and buoy those numbers up in Love and not sink them and disable this great advantage by getting seduced to, and lost in vitriolic chaos.

So let us call a spade a spade.

Let’s look beyond the “dressing up” and beyond the disguise.

What we are dealing with here is ‘The Westboro Evil Club.”  If they were truly Baptists and following Christ, they would not be protesting at Southern Baptist conferences.

Let’s realize their effort to hide our Creator’s Love and chase people from God’s Guidance in the midst of tragedies.  And that they intentionally choose tragedies to muck things up since that is when we typically reach most to the Powerful Loving Embrace of our Creator.

Let us react only in and through Love.

Let us win.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, your Guardian Angel, all the Angels, and all the Saints, at every breath from conception through eternity.


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