Why Wait?


Christ affords us Continuum.

Where the opponent leads us on and never satisfies us with hollow, shiny shells, Living Co-Operatively with Jesus the Christ Optimizes our Opportunity continuously in a continuum of Amazing Love.

The opponent is an opponent and will continue and increase seductive, enslaving, disabling, need creating, sales and attacks to try to thwart and capture.

At root, at core, at heart, at center, at Soul, we are Loved First by our Creator.  And then we are invited and yearned for to live Co-Operatively to participate in building up this Glorious Creation Optimally, Lovingly.  And this can, and is best to occur, with every moment in every situation, with every beat of our heart, with every thought, with every action, with every location, with every expression, with every sense, and with every breath.

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …. .

We are asked to join a pilot/co-pilot Marriage with our Creator.

Go OnLine, Go OnVine with our Creator and Purely Power up with Pure Power.

Conversely, our opponent tries the carrot on the stick that is dangled in front of us with disconnected copulation, ill got money, gadgets, and things that we pursue and never reach.  Yes we may engage or hold them for a brief time, but then what?  Why the hollow?  Why the fear?  Why the hole?

With our Creator, the carrot is already in our stomach.  We are Loved to start with and asked to build up the Love of our Creator for all of Creation throughout the time space continuum of Creation.

Build up Good for God, always, all times, all locations, all situations, for all.

This is the core and crux around which the rest of the details of Life and the struggle between Good and evil operate.

So while it seems so hopeless that evil is rolling over and winning increasingly with the theft of the Sacrament of Marriage from Church by the state, killing of 3000 people a day in The United States and 125,000 per day world wide just because they are voiceless, random violence, war, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, debt, economic stagnation, malnutrition, living out of wedlock, choosing homosexual copulation, lying, blaming God, starvation, injustice, disease, aggression against The Church, infiltration of The Church with evil, disregard for God’s Guidance, despair, confusion, hopelessness, and abuse, our Creator is still Hoping, Loving, Helping, and Yearning for our participation to Build Up Positive, Good Waves to roll across the horizon and help.

The More Participants, who participate at More Moments, the Merrier.

No need to wait.

No carrot dangled.

No reward dangled.

Build up Love in the Continuum of Life with everyone everywhere and Build Up the Continuum of the Kingdom of God.

We have a better product.

We have what can best enable, encourage, strengthen, feed, flourish, empower, organize, and build up each and every person.  It gets better with each person added versus the opponents norm of having a few slots of flashy stations.

And my dear Karl Marx, The Word of God and The Good News is not the opiate of the people, The Good News and The Word of God are the Optimal Operative Opportunity of All People.

When We Plug In, We Flourish.

We have a better system.

We have better goods.

We only need to get with the Program and Participate in Co-Operation with our Creator.

And we will convert evil people and spirits to the side of Good and God.

And then we will resist evil and conquer it with Good.  Romans Chapter 12.  Read it all.

And then the Good Tide will Rise Again for one and all.

Loping in Hope!

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Raphael, Saint Joan, Your Guardian Angel, all the Angels, and all the Saints whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not always.  😉

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