Illuminating Illumination

The Love of our Creator is a bright light that is overwhelming and positively positive.

The brightness of the Love of our Creator is greater than all challenges.

Our roll as we roll through this beautiful life is to be as open as possible to perceive and receive this Love Jesus Christ.

If we stay curled up in fear, fright, and enslaving sin all sold incessantly by society we will not perceive or receive curled up in our cave.

If we do unwind and go OnLine with or OnVine with the true source of light and optics, Jesus Christ, then we can grow in this Love of our Creator and grow this Love of our Creator.

We hook into the DNA of Creation and things can grow in a healthy, beautiful, and prosperous manner.

We can then become repeaters and sharers and part of a wonderful wave of wonders.

I write this as the sun has just risen and is overwhelming my eyes so I have to move.

Christ’s Love is so overwhelming that we have to be moved by it if we open and ride and build the wonderful wave of wonders.

Thank you Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit and Mother Mary for this beautiful day and life that is beautiful in the small scale of molecules and the large scale of stars at night as well as everything in between.

I Love You and more importantly so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, all the Holy Saints, all the Holy Angels, and your Guardian Angel whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not with every breath breathed.  😉


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