Our Creator is the Genome Genius

Through the ages people have tried to play God to no avail but for making a mess.

Two such efforts now are killing babies in the womb and modifying the genetics of our food.

Both are heinous.

Our Creator is a very good designer of Creation and our Creator’s designs are amazing, gorgeous, good, and fruitful.

The most precious of the designs, people in their mother’s bellies, should not have their lives stopped because we can’t hear or see them.

The fruitful designs of our Creator’s seed to food cycle should not be changed to lessen nutritive benefits and cause self reproducing seeds to disappear from the cycle and make people buy terminator seeds from Monsanto and so ruin their farms, livelihoods, and lives as well as take their lives.

Taking advantage of those weaker in both cases.

Evil is cruel but coward.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Michael, Saint Joan, your Guardian Angel, all the Angels, and all the Saints.


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