Disabling Baby Killing

We enable alcoholics by being too kind when it is time to be compassionately and passionately tough.

We enable Baby Killing by using the “A” word at all.

We disable Baby Killing by avoiding the “A” word.

Above all we need to remain compassionate in our passion and share the Good News of the Overwhelming Love of our Creator with all those Created at each location of place and time in the Nautilus of Creation.

Our Amazing Creator Loves those OnLine and OnVine with the will of our Creator as well as those doing otherwise until the Harvest when our heart stops.

Our Amazing Creator Loves those killing babies, the babies, those bringing babies to be killed, as well as those advocating for saving the babies.

Our Amazing Creator Guides us to not kill people in embryo.

Our Amazing Creator is displeased that we kill people in embryo.

Our Amazing Creator calls those killing people in embryo to stop killing people in embryo and correct their course.

Our amazing Creator yearns at each beat of every persons heart at every moment and location for a co-operative relationship, optimizing the great opportunity of Life while Alive working everything to it’s good.  Romans 8:28.

Our Amazing Creator is ready to forgive our fumbling and bumbling and fear and fright and hiding and ignoring and running and all that much worse if we but succumb to the Shower, Geyser, and Well within Us of our Creator’s Amazing Shining, Sparkling, Healing, Peace Filled, Enabling, Love.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary Saint Faustina, Saint Patrick, your Guardian Angel, Saint Joseph, and all the Angels and all the Saints whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not.


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