Passionately Passionate

It is simply simple.

USA & Republican Renaissance will spring from proper alignment with our Passionate Creator.

So far the foundation of this fumble has been our being seduced by fear and anger.

To remain aligned with our Creator we must be selling to all those Created always.

The first thing to sell always is the Good News of the Love of our Creator for all those created always in all ways.

In our communication which is 70% body language, 20% intonation, and 10% content in it’s importance and effectiveness (see movie Hitched ) , we need to remain always passionately passionate and not be seduced to angry and fearful passion.

To remain aligned with our Creator, we must be Loving all those we are selling to always that they are Loved by our Amazing Creator with each beat of their heart.

Aligned with our Creator, and from this Foundation and Root with our Creator, and OnLine with our Creator, and OnVine with our Creator, we can then be attractive and attract people to join our lively Republican Party.

We can then communicate clearly that it is better to stop with the stimulus shock pads and to bring in the oxygen.

That it is better to have the Oxygen of lightened load of taxation and regulation and so grow healthy businesses across the horizon organically and locally.

This will create a demand for people instead of people demanding help.

This will create the growth of real money.

This will create the growth of real jobs instead of charade jobs funded for a year by feds with money they don’t have and just print up.

While being passionately passionate we can communicate the importance of balancing budgets by installing seesaws on the front lawn of every municipal, county, state, and federal office building.

Love sells.

Anger scares.

Love gathers.

Anger scatters.

Our Creator’s and the Republican Vision of enabling and optimizing the opportunity for all to healthy growth is the better operating system versus the umbilical cord seductive feeding by Democrats of programs of taken, stale, shrinking money.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the Angels, your Guardian Angel, and all the Saints whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not.  😉

Romans 12 in it’s entirety.



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