Source Need

Greatest need of people?


Greatest Source of Love?

Jesus the Christ.

Jesus the Messiah.

Jesus, God, & The Holy Spirit.

The Trinity.

The Triune Majesty.

Alpha & Omega.





The Bridegroom.

The Good Shepherd.

The Lamb.

The Lord.

Always on.  Always full signal.  Always full bars.

Constant while we waiver.

Caring while we muddle, muff, and muck things up.

Encouraging while we fear.

Calling while we run away.

Seeking to engage while we try to ignore.

Joyful when we join and be repeaters and sharers with others as much as we are ably enabled with co-operation with them working everything to it’s good.  See Romans 8:28

So much more fun and joyous than enslaving sin of disconnected copulation risking creation of people that we are not ready for and willing to kill to keep our irresponsible lifestyles.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.  😉


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