Meaningful Money or Meaningless

Do we want our money to mean more and be more valuable or mean less and be worthless?

Republicans seek to learn the lessons of a childhood seesaw and realize that we have to balance money going out to money coming in.

This makes money more meaningful and valuable.

Democrats want to send more money out than what is coming in.

This makes money more meaningless and worthless.

They won’t even appoint negotiators to negotiate this standoff with spending.  They demand to spend what we don’t have.

Better to lighten load, kindle economy with the oxygen of less stifling taxation and regulation, flourish businesses, and result in growth of businesses and growth of meaningful money to create a surplus and a demand for people to fill healthy jobs.

This is caring for the poor by creating demand for their participation in meaningful jobs with meaningful money.

So much better then people demanding assistance and “stimulus” printing of worthless money for one year flash in the pan unsustainable “program” dead end, unsustainable, jobs while chanting jobs, jobs, jobs.

Enough of stimulus.  We need oxygen!

All through the ages, when we have aligned with the Will of God and honored God and thanked God for the bounteous blessings, our societies have flourished.  All through the ages when we have done otherwise, it has been stark.

Killing babies, stealing the intellectual property of God of Marriage and trying to put words in God’s mouth as to what is sacred, lying, not

Flourish or stark.  Which do you prefer?

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary and many more.


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