Acting Act

One of our Saints, I think it was Saint John of the Cross, said that he only had interest in things that honored our Creator, Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.

When I think of the great buildings and music throughout history, the best of the best are dedicated to our Jesus.

Our Country started out dedicated to the freedom of Religion and based it’s right to form on our Creator.

Having the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus as the core of our lives in political arenas would be of benefit.

That we are shunning that and denying that and running from that is the crux of the cause of all the consternation and discord.

With all our actions we should be acting in Love and inviting all to better their OnVine connection with our Creator.

That should be primary and we should be praying for the other side and acting kindly per Romans 12.

If we spent more time on our knees we would find ways that we can agree.

On healing the health care system, my suggestion is to gain approval for two things each of which one of the parties is not in favor of.  If we simply made everything guaranteed issue so there are no preexisting condition clauses and instituted Tort Reform, we would have what is needed.  The Republicans traditionally don’t like the former and the Democrats traditionally don’t like the latter.  If we could gain agreement on both these points the price of premiums and the price of out of pocket expenditures would plummet.

Unfortunately the Republicans are focused just on lower premiums and aren’t thinking of the increased out of pocket costs when one has a preexisting condition that is not covered.  As the insurance companies would want to still stay in business they would write in that environment.  Yes that did bring up the price of premiums in New Hampshire when that was enacted but it was within reason.

If we then get Tort reform, this increase should be offset or even make things lower than the starting point.

The other challenge has been that the effort to counter the Affordable Care Act with cute names has been so poorly done.

Really the first two words are untrue.  All analysis shows that this will be an economy crusher.  And killing babies as part of health care makes killing caring which it is not.  Of course tanking the economy over this is not caring either.

Additionally the drawing up further into government the definition of what is an illness and what is not and how to treat it is not a good idea.  My family has had a lot of Lyme Disease to deal with and the CDC has been strident in seeking to define long term Lyme Disease out of existence.  Lots of luck getting coverage for alternative medicine with this.

I think it still best to repeal the ACA and seek the compromise above.  It is likely that the ACA is going to go into limbo for another year until after the 2014 elections with all the waivers and delays in enacting for various groups growing.

The problem with trying to be cute with renaming the ACA with the name of the current president is twofold.  It builds up the current president by using his name.  He said he likes it in the debates with Romney and he should.  It is a help to him.  All politicians benefit from attention of any type.  Secondly it brings the weight and dignity of the presidency into actually selling this act by using the name of the president in the try at cuteness with O … Care.

So anyways here are some better cute names to counter the ACA.

It’s not OCare it is No Care (NC)

or Faux Care  (FC)

or Acting to Care  (ATC)

or Expensive Cruel Act  (ECA)

or Acting Act (AA)

But really in all of this and in all of politics, we have to make calling to Christ the main deal and deliver Lovingly and follow the dictates of Romans 12 and pray for the other side and care for the other side and realize that this will be as good as we can make it but not perfect.

This seems foolish, impossible, and impractical, this seeking to be kind while countering.

It is impossible by ourselves and it is possible with Jesus Christ.

Hard to believe, huh?

True though.

And it is a lot more fun and productive and solves the core complaint against government of discord.

Things will fall into place more this way too.

Try it, you’ll like it!


Certainly the founders did not have unanimous votes on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That was very contentious.  However they retained civility underneath.  Kind of like shaking hands at the end of a hard fought hockey game replete with fights.  James Madison and James Monroe were at odds over how to word these and campaigned against each other and dined with each other on the campaign trail.

Good model.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.


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