Another Sparkling Perspective on Good News

Why didn’t he just come out and say it?  So many of us have thought this with Jesus’ teachings.  Why all the round and round parables?

Jesus kept coming up with different perspectives of what he was trying to get at.

Here is another try at the basics of what he is hoping for.

For people to receive the Good News of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, or LLJJ.

For us to be overwhelmed with the Positive, Primary Power of Jesus’ Love for each of us where is as is.

For us then to hear, see, and follow the guidelines for Optimal Opportunity laid out in The Bible and to be in Communion with others in The Church in Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, and Works of Charity Serving People working everything to it’s good.  Jerusalem Bible Romans 8:28.

For us to then be Illuminated, Enlightened, Empowered, Cheerful, Joyful, and be Like Cell Phone Tower Repeaters Repeating the Good News of the LLJJ so all People.

For us to then create a Building Wave as the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, or LLJJ,  Rolls throughout the People of the planet and finally Jesus’ goal of all knowing the good news is achieved.

To have fun and be Joyful doing this.

Anger, fear, and frustration don’t sell The Good News optimally.

Being overwhelmed with LLJJ and so Positive, Cheerful, and Joyful sets us to sell LLJJ best for Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit to whom all honor, and praise, and glory are due and given.

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit along with lots of People Love You.  😉

Downloads available for free for printing up and distributing cards with this message.


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  4. Thank you Tony for stopping by at my blog and for liking some of my posts. May you become a blessing to your generation in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • Thanks very much too brother. Hope you have a joyful day drenched in LLJJ.

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