Mandating Sin

In August Governor Chris Christie signed a law prohibiting licensed therapists from guiding people by God’s Guidelines.  This law bans licensed therapists from endeavoring to guide someone to follow the Seventh Commandment of not committing adultery in the case where someone has begun to choose engaging in copulation with someone of the same sex.  We permit and allow selling violation of the Seventh Commandment with homosexual advocates sexualizing our children in school, throwing up queries about what sex they are, and selling homosexual copulation.  We have gender study professors and departments in colleges selling violation of the Seventh Commandment via homosexual copulation as well as endeavoring to change ones sex.  The latter also violates Deuteronomy 2:5.

A lot of this has to do with the word Choice.  While we say we may make a “choice” to kill people in embryo, we say we have no “choice” when it comes to choosing whom we have copulation with.  It is clear throughout the Bible that God Guides us to reserve copulation for the Sacrament of Marriage between one man and one woman with the clearest verse of this being Matthew 19:5-9 where the one man and one woman are in italics.

The efforts to change the meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage by using the State to steal God’s Intellectual Property of Marriage and so change Matthew 19:5-9 and thereby the Seventh Commandment, has the purpose of endeavoring to sanctify sin and make it seem that God is guiding us towards and blessing homosexual copulation.  God has not and does not.

God does unconditionally Love each and every person where is as is.  That is first and the lead.

If we open ourselves up to this overwhelming Love fully though, which is the highest and greatest and most amazing Love possible and is showered on us from conception through eternity, we want to and are called to live in co-operation with our Creator as God works everything to it’s good.  Romans 8:28 Jerusalem Bible.  When we open ourselves to optimally receive this Love Flood and seek to live in a co-operative manner, we optimize this cooperation by following God’s Guidelines in The Bible, the e manual.  I like The Jerusalem Bible best.  There we are guided to save copulation for within the Sacrament of Marriage with one man and one woman along with lots of other Good Guidance.

There we are guided to choose Love Flooding us from our Creator first which is an empowering Love with full bars always on.  Then we can be repeaters and sharers of this Love to others

There is a gathering of darkness that seeks to make it verboten to relay that choosing homosexual copulation is a choice and this New Jersey law is yet another of these clouds that violate founding principles of the protection of free speech and free exercise of religion.

Love is the core response.  Optimally receiving the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus. and sharing this Love for each person is primary.

We then though need to share God’s Guidelines and be permitted to do so.

Even when not permitted, we need to do so.

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit Love You lots and lots always and everywhere.


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