Rich Farms

This beautiful horizon where heaven meets earth is also this thin film on which we walk, kneel, and lie.  An amazing film that connects all people.  A fragile thin shoreline between space and land that supports life with air, water, temperate temperatures, plants, and animals.

Many find solace in looking out at the horizon and seeing this beautiful meeting stretch out to the limits of our vision and geometry of the earth.  I think some of this comes from our feeling connected.

Last night at an ecumenical prayer service at Saint Katherine Drexel Church in Alton, New Hampshire sponsored by New Hampshire Alliance, prayers were asked for the 80 vets who are living homeless in the woods of New Hampshire.  Prayers for them as individuals and prayers for all to work to better this situation.

Homelessness springs from not working.  Being without work can come from health challenges but also from our economic scene wherein we have lost much of our manufacturing.

One option that I was thinking about is to create Amish/Shaker type farms where the vets could gain some dignity as well as assist in the support of each other.  Lots of spinoff positives here with making friends, learning skills, and gaining hope.  Having The Good News or LLJJ shared would be a great thing too.

Another option that was mentioned was taking over a dormant nursing home and bringing this back to life to house the vets.  And while writing this I am thinking of the Albany International & Safran factories that are being put up in Rochester which isn’t too far away.  Maybe we can tie into getting some of these vets trained up for these businesses that are going to need lots and lots of people for good paying jobs.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit whether you know it or not.  😉


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