Great Got

Our greatest want is to be loved.

The Greatest News is that we are Loved.

We are Loved with by The Most Amazing Lover in Myriad of Marvelous Ways at all Times, Locations, and Situations.

I am thankful that I have been taught to be thankful even when it seems like things are going so wrong.

The reality is that things are always going 99.9999% amazingly right.

When we focus on the things that are working well and offer up lots of thanks for that then the .00001% of things that are going wrong shrinks.

We grow the .00001% of things going wrong when we try to pretend our Creator does not exist and when we do not seek to go OnLine with our Creator and OnVine with our Creator.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary and many more with The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ.

Soak it up.

Grow it up.

Share it up.


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