God’s Goal

God’s Goal is for all people across and in this Beautiful Horizon we live on to Learn how they are constantly showered with, and immersed with, and have well up within them, and gush up around them, and flow through them, with full signal, and full power, The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ.

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit yearn for each person on the planet to know how they are yearned for.

How they want to live C0-Operatively with each person and how they want each person to live C0-Operatively with Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit with everything working to it’s good.

Romans 8:28

The world, society, and the media sell a course of irresponsibility in intercourse, marvels of money, and glitz that lead to killing people in embryo, hollowness, sadness, violence, chaos, confusion and a literal dead end.

Our Creator sells a live end and life forever and life lived to the fullest and life most enabled and life assisting most and life achieving most and life optimized and operating life that Co-Operates with our Creator and the ongoing Creation of Creation, and harmonious life, and life with things flowing well, and life with things going well, and Joy filled life, and Cheerful Life, and Confident Life, and life for eternity.

Glitzy hollow dead end


Gorgeous full live end,

which would you enjoy?

Which would you like?

Which would you choose?

Which is more fun?

Which is more enabling?

Which is more freeing?

Which builds you and those around you up more?

Which is free?

Which is available 24/7/365 at each location, with each person, with each situation, with each temperature, with each altitude, with each sky, with each weather of the day, with each beat of the heart, with each movement, with each breath?

Which is the better Product?

Which is the better Process?

Which is the better Practice?

Which is the best of best Practices?

Which produces the best of Products?

Which is really, truly, and fully fun?

It puzzles me how people so often get seduced by the glamor and glitz to be enslaved by sin leading to hollowness.

Thinking we have a packaging, marketing, and sales problem and so the repackaging that came to me of LLJJ.

Start with being thankful for our Creator, Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.

Move to praising Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.

Pray and read the Bible.  I like The Jerusalem Bible best for it’s beauty and single column format.

Join Christ’s Church in a format that fits.

Read inspired writings.

Open yourself to Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit working within you.

Contribute to Creation and Flourish.


I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Jude, Saint Anne Beaupre, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not.  😉




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  1. good writing @ god always great!

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