Simple Structural Defense of Marriage

I am an Architect and we see the structure that holds up buildings behind the pretty walls and ceilings and know how vital it is to get the structure right so as to keep the pretty pretty.  We all see the beauty that this structure brings.  Architects and others in construction can see how a good structure hosts the pretty skin even more beautifully.

An elementary portion of structural design is getting things to line up.  A footing in the dirt has to be centered on a column in the Basement.  This column in the Basement needs to align with the column on the First Floor.  This column on the First Floor needs to align with the column on the Second Floor.

On a more macro scale it is obvious to any person that we have to get the pretty skin of a building to be draped on the structure that is designed to hold it up.  We can’t have the skin here and the structure over there.  Likewise we ourselves can’t have our skeleton across the room from us.  We would collapse in this case as would the pretty skin of the building not aligned with it’s structure.

In our Declaration of Independence, towards the end we appealed to the Supreme Judge of the world to gain our support, our foundation, our elementary core structure.

Our government is then a structure supported on the structure of the Supreme Judge of the world, or God as referred to earlier in our Declaration of Independence.  God is our foundation.

So then, to optimize our government it needs to align with our Creator, God.

All through The Jerusalem Bible and other Christian Bibles, we see that governments that align their structure with the foundation of God flourish and those that don’t collapse.

The Plan for us laid out in the Good News, The Bible, seems conflicting and contradictory.  This plan reader and plan maker, this Architect can see the Beautiful, Loving, Amazing, Caring, Optimizing, Empowering, Encouraging, Enabling Plan and Program that is illustrated through Bible.  As Father Cole says so often on his way to do the Homily as he waves the Gospels over his head, “This is about the Love Affair that God has with People!”

I am of Irish descent and think that the key beauty of those with Irish race is their rich heritage of co-operative living with Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit which Saint Patrick so beautifully illustrated with the three leaf shamrock.  For centuries the Irish have lived co-operatively with the Trinity thus allowing the Trinity to work everything to it’s good as we learn in Romans 8:28:  We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …

Defending Marriage is so vital because The Sacrament of Marriage is a core structure in The Word of God.

The Bible begins with a Marriage, has Marriages throughout, and ends with a Marriage.

There are two kinds of Marriage.  The main is a Man and a Woman clinging together for life to create a new creation and new creations of people, God’s favorite life form. :

Matthew 19:4-9 “Have you not read that the creator from the beginning made them male and female and then he said: This is why a man must leave father and mother, and cling to his wife, and the two become one body? They are no longer two, therefore, but one body. So then, what God has united, man must not divide. They said to him, ‘Then why did Moses command that a writ of dismissal should be given in cases of divorce?’ It was because you were so unteachable’ he said ‘that Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but it was not like this from the beginning. Now I say this to you: the man who divorces his wife …. and marries another, is guilty of adultery.’”

The other version of Marriage is the Marriage between Jesus The Christ or Jesus The Messiah as “Husband” and The Church or The People of God both individually and corporately as “The Bride.”

The Seventh Commandment guides us away from committing Adultery.  Adultery is copulating with somebody when not Married to them.

The effort to change the meaning of Marriage between people is an effort to use the State to edit The Word of God and thus an effort to use the State to edit The Church.

This is a violation of The First Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America.

That this effort is trying to edit The Word of God makes it additionally an effort to edit God.

In the beginning of the Gospel of John with John 1:1-5 and 1John1:1 we learn that The Word of God is God and predates all governments.

The State has no standing, right, or hope to edit God.  We will completely be “kicking against the goad” with this and set ourselves up for significant course correction from our Creator as has been done through the ages when societies decided to stop following God’s Guidelines which are so beautiful and bright and laid out in Sacred Scriptures.  I like The Jerusalem Bible best for it’s beauty and single column format.

An additional Structural Perspective in defending Marriage is to realize that The Sacrament of Marriage and Marriage are both the IP or Intellectual Property of God which is clearly defined throughout The Bible with the most clear section being Matthew 19:5-9 that is noted above with the specifics of one man and one woman being in italics.

So the other Structural Problem with the effort to change the meaning of Marriage is that Marriage is not owned by the state.  Marriage is the IP, the Intellectual Property of God.

The State has been allowed to use Marriage with God’s permission.

The State does not have the right to change God, The Word of God, God’s Guidelines.

That there have been a number of unions that were given stolen intellectual property can be rectified by coming up with a new name for these unions such as “mated” or what was used in some locales, “civil union.”

Doctor Pepper can use the name Doctor Pepper on the labels for it’s formula.  Coca Cola can use the name Coca Cola on the labels for it’s formula.  Doctor Pepper cannot use the name Coca Cola and Coca Cola cannot use the name of Doctor Pepper.

A union of two people of the same sex is a different formula that may use a different name than the union of two people of the opposite sex whose formula has been clearly defined for thousands of years and predates all governments extant.

New formula: new name.

This is also pertinent to the legislation going through The New Hampshire House about sexual orientation being a constitutional right.  This is another seemingly sweet effort whose goal is again to edit The Word of God, to edit God by setting a structure up to make it illegal to share God’s Guidance away from choosing homosexual copulation.

The effort to change the meaning of Marriage is an effort also to make it appear that God is Guiding us towards choosing homosexual copulation when in fact God Guides us away from it.  It seeks to change the 7th Commandment to not commit Adultery by stealing God’s Intellectual Property of Marriage violating the 8th Commandment of not stealing.

The structural problem with changing marriage is that we are removing some foundation and putting in what someone thinks is pretty.  It will lead to collapse.

Another analogy is that we are trying to place what some seem as a pretty skin far away from the foundation.  Again we will see collapse.

See also:     (First Letter)

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony, Saint Thersa of Avila, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.  😉


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