Rarity to Normity

I Love You.

The Goal of the Good News of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ, for each and every person is to bring Lavishing Love from Rarity to Normity.

The Goal is to Infuse us with LLJJ.  We Effuse LLJJ.  We take love from something rare with so many so frustrated in finding, keeping, maintaining, and attaining.  We bring Love to be something Blossoming & Increasing with each Breath for each and every person at each and every moment of their life based on the Fool Cell of a Fuel Cell of the LLJJ within us welling up, showering down over us, gushing up around us, and washing on by us from the right, left, front, and back.

And so we become at Peace OnLine with the LLJJ, Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus where is as is and we realize more and more that we  are Inspired and Empowered and Overwhelmed with this Lavishing Love in all situations.

And then we Overflow and Effuse and Share this Richest Resource of the Love of God for each person where is as is.

And then it dominos and spreads and grows to all People across this tinkling and sparkling and gorgeous horizon.

More Better.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Anne Beaupre, Saint Michael, and all the Holy Angels, Your Guardian Angel, and all the Holy Saints.  😉


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