Christ Love Tops Copulation

The essential theme of society is that the sacred is lacking compared to those engaging in irresponsible copulation not per God’s Guidelines.  We are told that it is impossible to have vows of celibacy.  The reality is that large portions of life is lived in celibacy.

Copulation within God’s Guidance of Marriage is of course wonderful.  Children there land in a supportive, loving, and logical environment with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

The trick is not slip into anger with those not following God’s Guidance but rather sell them on what they are missing.

They spend a lot of time telling us what we are missing and trying to seduce us with images which are in fact lies.  The images indicate someone desirous of creating a child with us which of course they are not interested in doing.  They have no way of even knowing who we are.

Propping up copulation as primary is nothing new.  It is a primary piece of satanic rituals and we can find societal copulation worship down through the ages.  What is new is the flooding with images and temptations endeavoring to seduce.

Irresponsible copulation is very limited and limiting.  It can only last for a number of seconds and not every day.  It is aligned with the violence of killing people in utero, rape,  and pedophilia.  It is enslaving, addicting, and disabling making us myopically focused on the next fix and what must be done to get the next fix versus focus on our environment.

The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ is always incoming and flooding us with Enabling, Encouraging, and Enlightening Power to receive, grow, share, pay forward, and pass on with each breath and each beat of our heart in all locations and situations and at all times and with all people.

Some tricks I do when having problems with undue attractions are to pray for a holy shield between me and the other person, to pray for their Marriage, to pray for them finding a Holy Spouse, to focus on the “inner child” in people, and to focus on the incoming Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus that dwarfs the attraction.

The church of irresponsible copulation, our society, offers a shiny shell that is hollow, clanging, and desolate.  It seeks us to be addicts.

The Church of Christ offers Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus from inside out and outside in filling us and enabling us fully and optimally so as to participate and help beautifully in the Ongoing Creation of Creation.  Much More Better.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.

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