Brighter Stilled

The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ,

is Brighter still in James Foley

and his Family, Friends, and Church,

now that he has been stilled.

We honor, thank, and pray for James

as he meets Jesus,

the Judge of All.

As we cry and grieve the loss,

we reach in and down and

Grow Brighter and Bigger The Wave of Wonders:

The Light, Love, and Joy of

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit

which Acts in Us

Enabling Us to do more

than We could ever know.

We Pray for

James, Family, Friends, Church,

and Captors

that All will know they are Loved

and called by our Creator to

Get with The Program

laid out in The Jerusalem Bible and others

that Optimizes our Opportunity while Alive, and

Convert to Co-Operation with our Creator

Helping God Work Everything to it’s Good.

“Romans 8:28

We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him ….”

Being Good is Good.

Being Better is Better.

All are Called.

All are Loved.

All can Choose Optimizing in

Jesus, The Christ

along with

God &

The Holy Spirit.

Optimizing is Optimal.

God Bless James Foley.

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