Finely Defined is Marriage

Finely Defined is Marriage

by God for God throughout

Word of God

which is


We built our Nation

on the

Structure of our Creator.

If we remove the

Structure of our Creator

we unbuild

our Nation.

Allowing the State to edit

The Word of God

is allowing the State to edit


This will not stand and if we continue to stand on editing God and Word of God,

we will fall flat, famished, and futile.

The proper framing of the conversation is whether theft of God’s Intellectual Property of Marriage by the State, and editing the Word of God by the State,  is OK or not.

Answer: not.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Francis, Saint Rita, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.

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