Pulsing Horizon Points

People are Horizon Points.

People are Cherished Horizon Points.

As we spin through

Black, Cold, Glistening, Shimmering, and Starry Space

on this

Beautiful Horizon


Lovely Life

wrapped around

Glowing Molten Core,

We are Pulsing Points


Earth meets Sky


Earth meets Space.

A Place of Awesome Power and Possibilities.

We can look out into the Horizon


sense our

Friends Afar.

We sense the Connection.

We are Connected.

We are an essential portion


This Horizon.

The Teeming Life, Beauty, and Power


This Beautiful Horizon

Created by

Our Creator


Brilliant, Shimmering, Tinkling, Glistening, & Amazing.

When We Stay with

Our Feet at the Meeting of

Earth & Space


touch the ground,


do not get too impressed with ourselves,


do not loft our thoughts of us too high,


Our Creator Enables Us,

and rather

Glow & Grow Inspired and Amazed

by what

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit

are doing

Teamed with Us,

We become Better



God’s Goal

of drawing

All in


Hearing The Good News


Being The Good News


More Achieved.

As we Build Ourselves Up,

We Build Each Other Up.

We Benefit and Others Benefit as a result.

Winners and Winners in God’s World.

Winners and losers in the world’s world.

We can get there for Our Loving Creator.

We can attain this for Our Amazing Creator.

We can build this for Our Alpha & Omega.

We can Create this for Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit


Gain Them Their Goal


All In

to being Open and Unfurled

from fiddlehead to fern

or like a tree reaching in all directions skyward

and receiving


Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus


so as to

Live Optimally

while breathing.

And we can create

all this in


Momentum, Wave, Tsunami, and Snowball

of Growing Good for God.

Also we can then help with the

Ongoing Creation of Creation


Everything to It’s Good.

Romans 8:28

Let us model Mary


Say Yes



Become Amazing


Grounded in Awe


What is Being Done in Us.

Luke 1:26-56

Let us follow James 2:1 and reach out to all,

not just those easy, or well dressed, or of familiar type.

God wants all of us.

God wants everyone.

We need to help reach all and everyone.

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit will Provide the Light, Love, Joy, Strength, Courage, Humility, Discernment, Endurance, Beauty, Organization, Creativity, Optimization, Conversation, Words, Warmth, Smiles, and Cheers.

They are Worth It.

They are Worthy.

They will Help.

They will Smile.

They will be Proud.

They & We will Rejoice


Achieving God’s Good Goal

of sharing

The Good News

Throughout this

Beautiful Horizon.

Talk about Fun!

This is Fulfilling Fun.

No hollow feeling

but rather the

Heart Overflowing Feeling

of a

Pulsing Horizon Point.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, Saint Marc, Saint Margaret,and all the Holy Saints.

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