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I still avoid yoga at the advice of people I know who are higher level in Christian healing prayer ministries.  It is seen as a soft entry for Satan.  Basically when we play with spiritual things and don’t specifically honor and engage Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit we open ourselves up to entry by confused and evil spirits.

Sharing my stand is often assaulted as backward, ridiculous, not smart, etcetera.  I’m OK with that.

One of the chides is, “What is so bad about getting loose and limber by stretching?”  The answer to that is nothing at all.  The problem is that in yoga we are getting into specific prayer positions that are held combined with some Hindu chants and words.

We can actually find some of the higher up yoga leaders getting very irritated about people trying to take the prayer positions and remove the Hindu words and insert silence, other words, or Christian words.  This is revealing.

I few years ago I did a post entitled Mother Mary Moves.  My solution was to gratefully and with appreciation pick out the getting limber stretching portion and to combine my morning prayers with a slow stretching and bending.

What came to me is that it would be better to have no set routine and to every day explore the miracle of movement that we are blessed with in these bodies.  They are truly amazing gifts and designs.  I am Architect and design buildings and could not even begin to design a person.

So instead of striking a series of poses, what came to me was to say my prayers while stretching in a very slow movement where I never actually stopped anywhere.  Legs out side to side, front to back, arms up and waving, fingers out, rotating trunk left and right, moving head around.

I’ll also spend some time on my knees and doing this reaching and bending too.

Sometimes too I will place my forehead on the ground from a kneeling position and sometimes sit on my heels.

Picture a tree how they reach up and in so many directions for the sun and wave in the wind.  This can inspire us to stretch, and bend, and wave, and open up to more fully receive, grow, and share, the incoming Tinkling, Shimmering, Glistening, Glowing Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ.

So this is self regulating for people to not overdo.  We just gently stretch and bend to the limits of our comfort zone with no hard pushing.

A few years ago I did this mostly with a decade of the rosary.  Now I do this moving and stretching and praying with the my general prayers too as well as the start of prayer time when I am just listening.

It’s kind of neat in that it brings wonder into the prayer time as I constantly marvel and these bodies we are blessed with and how they can move in a million gazillion different directions quietly and with no internal combustion engine.

I have always been a fan of stretching before exercise.  It is what we have done in ice hockey since I was a kid.  I still play ice hockey.  I also do a bunch of stretching before skiing which is very out of the norm.

I thought doing a new post on this with an update on how it has morphed for me along with coining a new name would be a good idea.  Their is a person who has developed a counter to yoga called Praise Moves which seems good.  They had come up with their idea and name unbeknownst to me and so coming up with a more different name seems good.

Stretching and Prayer, or Reach Pray, sure!

Yoga, no thanks, but thanks for the idea about stretching and prayer.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Francis, Saint Therese Lisieux, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.

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