Hot Air to cover Deflated Egos

The deflated egos of the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens have found solace in hot air over air pressure.

Air Pressure can vary due to temperature and humidity.

Another question I have was almost asked in the above linked article.  What about the other teams balls?  What did they start at and what were they afterwards?  Did we see the same change?

And doesn’t hundreds of pounds of guys at many miles per hour crashing into each other and the ground with the ball between affect the pressure?

Isn’t there a standard change in the air pressure over the course of a game?

Is the 12.5 psi minimum at the end of the game or during the pregame indoor measurement?  Shouldn’t there be an expected amount of and allowed decrease in that due to outdoor weather and crushing of ball during the game?

And what about shoe laces?

Isn’t there a required color for shoe laces?  Or number of stripes in the shoelaces?  Shouldn’t we slam the Patriots for the shoe lace color and shoe lace stripes?

And what about the turbines that the Patriots have installed to blow wind into the opposing team and draw the Patriot field goals through the uprights?  When is the league going to do anything about that?

And what about all those magnets that they have under the turf that affects the gravity to pull all the players in the direction that the Patriots are going or defending?  When is the league going to do something about that?

Really though the referees, who have really not had a stellar year this year, should be checking this during the game instead of setting us all up for such a circus post game.  How many times did the referees handle these balls?  If they found one low, then during the game it’s a 15 yard penalty and we move on.  Should teams loose a draft pick or go under the circus tent for illegal motion or offsides or face masking?

The absurdity of this air pressure complaint and vast oceans of ink spilled on it are the story itself.  It is the definition of a media feeding (on itself) frenzy.  It is a bad case of microphone feedback loop in print and is as noisy as that.

I grew up in Pittsburgh and remain a Steelers fan.  I saw the miraculous reception live.  I’ve lived in New Hampshire for 26 years and am a fan of theirs not only because of where I live, but because like the Steelers, the Patriots focus on the team as a whole.  Both teams take the guys overlooked by most and by playing down the stars and playing up the importance of team, build fun and winning teams.

One of the greatest moments in sports was just prior to the Patriots first Super Bowl win when the opposing team was introduced star by star and the Patriots where introduced as, “The New England Patriots, The Team.”

The New England Patriots have proven over and over that when the pressure gets most intense, they perform well.  That other teams who can’t handle the pressure have gotten solace complaining about pressure is priceless.  That they have gotten traction on this is ridiculous.

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