God’s OS


The State is being used to change God’s OS, Operating System, with the effort to redefine God’s IP, Intellectual Property of Marriage.

Lovingly I say, no, don’t do this, stop doing this, reverse doing this, please.

Here are letters of mine and a number of my blog posts on this topic complete with a goof in Legal to be a Saint referring to the 6th Commandment when I meant the 7th:

Guarding God’s Guidance

Legal to be a Saint

Word of God is God   (((first letter)))

Marriage is Intellectual Property of God

Shell Sure Shine

No Mo

Stay Marriage

Muddied Marriage Mop and Map

USA Supreme Court Marriage

Prayer for Marriage and The Word of God

Deity Defined is Marriage

Finely Defined is Marriage

State Can’t

Simple Structural Defense of Marriage

Marriage Sense, Sensuality, and Supremacy

Stop Theft of Marriage

Marriage Is

OK for State to Edit Word of God?

Loving Marriage

For Love Marriage Fix

Muddying Marriage

God Owns Love.  Others own hate.

Case for the Sacrament of Marriage

Assault on the Seventh Commandment

Intellectual Property of Marriage

2011 Marriage Testimony

Battle on Churches

Historic Preservation of Marriage

Marriage is Marvelous and God’s Property

God’s Sacrament, Trademark, and Copyright of Marriage

Audacious Attack on Marriage

Marriage Copyright

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  1. […] I get the sense that, and am praying that, he also will seek to support life long arrangements of people living in this manner but at once seek to have them use a new name for this new formula.  I think this is the correct way on this and have written quite a bit about this here. […]

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