Muddied Marriage Mop & Map


OK so  what to do, how to be, how to feel, in the wake of a yet higher governmental agency, the USA Supreme Court, endeavoring to edit The Word of God and The Will of God with regards to Marriage and those choosing homosexual relations?  What leaves me lost about this is that societies for eons have risen and fallen as they have aligned and then misaligned with The Will of God.  I can’t think of another instance when a society has tried to edit The Will of God, The Word of God, and in fact, tried to edit God.

First and foremost it is vital to always be selling the phenomenal incoming omnipresent Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit, LLJJ.  In the midst of all of this, despite how angry we might begin to feel or how angry we might be painted without being so, we need to at root and core remain open and asking, cheerful and joyful, and seek to build each person up.  We need to be open to receiving the incoming LLJJ, to be asking what is God’s Will, be repeaters and share the cheerfulness and joyfulness we gained from receiving LLJJ, and to seek to serve, improve, and build up each and every person.  We need to remain a touch silly amidst this truly serious situation.

We need to follow the myriad dictates to avoid anger in The Bible including Romans 12 and share LLJJ with every breath if we are to have any chance of re-righting this bad action taken by the USA Supreme Court.

I’ve been at this a while.  In New Hampshire I attended every hearing and testified prior to the 2009 New Hampshire Marriage legislation.  I had letters in the press before, during, and since that legislation.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it reversed.  Early on, I succumbed to some internal anger and eventually realized that the best, and perhaps the only way to get this re-righted, is by selling.  Selling works best from positive, empathetic, cheerful pitches and is what we are called to again throughout The Bible.  We are to reach out to the lost, those who haven’t heard of The Good News,  and the hard to love as a priority.  If we aren’t selling The Good News in all we do, it isn’t worth doing whatever we are doing.  Christianity is a challenge.  Building towards Christ’s goal of everyone on earth knowing The Good News is worth it.

With this as a foundation I am at the end of what I know to do.  Of course what I would be rather doing is talking about or playing ice hockey.  At least I get some time for that.

Back to the topic at hand I note that in all things I try to team up with Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit but I usually can bring something to the table.  I will be relying completely on them for this.

I am having a hard time with finding clues from history.  All through the Hebrew Scriptures, or The Old Testament, Societies that align themselves with the Will of God flourish until they get too full of themselves and start ignoring God and following their own wants.  Following their own wants leaves them wanting and their societies devolve and dissolve.  That part of this I see and we all see with so many events and trends.  On the day the Supreme Court released their ruling, I flipped to Jeremiah 50:11 “Rejoice, if you like! Have your triumph, you plunderers of my heritage!” as part of my daily flipping through the Bible where I land at verses that often jump out at me.  This happens to be in a section with a subtitle  The Fall of Babylon.  I kind of get the clarion cry that as we have been turning away from God over these years since the 60’s that we are seeding the doom of our nation.  This is not new.

What I find no precedent for is that this move is not just away from The Word of God and The Will of God, but an effort to rewrite The Word of God.  And in John 1:1 and 1 John 1:1 we find we are, in fact, trying to edit God with these moves.  These bad state legislations and now USA Supreme Court ruling put words in God’s mouth and appear to have God sanctify homosexual copulation by bringing it into a non-adulterous status when in fact it is adulterous since it is copulation outside of wedlock.  These bad legislations and rulings muddy The Word of God and endeavor to make it appear that God sanctifies the sin of homosexual relations.  This is what is so stunning and sinister.  This is what I don’t know what to do with.  This is what I have to pray hard and reach deep to remain Loving in front of.  This is what I have to pray hard to find a way from here with.  I certainly don’t have much of a clue on my own.  I will be relying big time on Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.

I guess I’ve gotten some glimmers of things.  Somehow we need to finally stake the claim that Marriage is God’s IP and that the State has distributed what it does not own.  Just let all the commitments that were made outside of God’s guidelines to run their course and eventually sunset while issuing new commitments with the new formula of two people of the same sex a new name like “civil union” or “mated.”  Basic idea is that you and I can’t bottle a new formula and slap Coca Cola on our bottles.  New formula:  new name.

But more importantly how do we function now?  How do we communicate the clear Guidance of God away from choosing homosexual copulation in spite of this warping of an elemental portion of The Word of God, Marriage?

While the proponents of this have claimed this has achieved equality, I say equality could have been gained with a different name with the same functions of rights to visit in hospitals and other such things.  Equality could have been gained without thievery.

It seems to me clear that the intent was not equality but the intent was to rewrite The Word of God and to make it seem like God sanctifies and encourages homosexual copulation.

It seems to me that the goal is to make it so no one has to even hear that such activity is sinful.  And of course to mandate that all join in the celebration of sin or be sued as so many have already been.

The prophets and those following The Will of God have a long history as being the outcasts and the voices in the wilderness pulling against their societies who have turned from God.

I understand that we are shifting more to a voice in the desert as our society goes further from God yet again with last Fridays ruling.

I just can’t think of anywhere in Sacred Scripture where the society actually tried to change the recording of The Will of God.

That is what leaves me so stunned with this and so much on my knees and at such a loss.

I am so working towards remaining cheerful, joyful, and building everyone up.

To me The Word of God is the most powerful, positive, enabling, enriching, freeing, compassionate, liberating, program possible.  And of course as we see in both John 1:1 and 1 John 1:1, The Word of God has existed since the beginning and is, in fact God, is in fact Jesus Christ alive and with us.  In Matthew 19 Jesus Christ talks both of marriage being of one male and one female in italics and to stay away from adultery.  To have this taken over for rewriting is a violation of the USA First Amendment and the separation of church and state.  The state is molding all churches in the country and making them all partially a state church with this ruling and these legislations.

This is really really bad, out of bounds, and beyond the beyond.

I am Loved by The Word of God, Jesus Christ,  and I Love The Word of God, Jesus Christ.

The world sells a sliver of love that is enslaving, disabling, manipulative, negative, and impoverishing.  Yet they do it with such glamour and glitz that we are taken in and sold by this inferior product so much more than the far better product and process of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ.

I pray we become better sellers of LLJJ to move us from this cellar.

We clearly need Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit to help clarify this kindly.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as all Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan, Saint Michael, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints forever where is as is.  Optimize Your Opportunity while breathing by following the e manual, The Bible, the Sacred Scriptures.





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