We need to reach down further into our OnVine Root of Jesse Love Lavished on us each and every day and Love Ever More as well as be Lovermores.

The counterintuitive and counter-visceral reaction of Love in situations where we are assaulted needs to out-root anger with the Root Love of the Root of Jesse as we are directed to in the Mission Statement that is Romans 12 and elsewhere in Sacred Scripture.

We especially need to deeply delve to our mainline Root Love of the Root of Jesse that is Lavishing and Bountiful and with regards to the assault on The Word of God that is the redefinition of marriage movement.  Getting lost in anger makes things worse for all.

We need to turn to James 3:2 and 2:1 and know that all of us do things wrong over and over and to not treat classes of people differently.  All are wanted.  All are called.  All are Loved.  All are creations of our Creator.  This includes those assaulting The Word of God.

Our first call out must be the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ, and our Call to Christ must be even stronger and brighter Love as the assaults are greater and greater.

We need to remain a servant messenger and be content with the coperiority of our status and means and worry not about superiority.  Leave superiority to The Superior.  We have to be willing to loose and, at once, Cheerfully and Lovingly continue to carry on The Call to open up to optimally receive LLJJ and follow God’s Guidelines.  God will eventually win since God holds all the cards.  We need to make this Christ Call Lovingly, ever more Lovingly, and be Lovermores.

We can then, most effectively, at once clearly clarify and correct The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

So from here, I announce The Great Good News that God Loves You and Wants You to Optimize Your Opportunity by Your following of God’s Guidelines.  Also, I say that Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit Created You and Love You and Cherish You and Want You and Pine for You and Like You and Adore You and Yearn for You.  Also, I say that Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit Guide You in God’s Guidelines which are The Sacred Scriptures, The Bible, The Word of God.  Also, I say that The Word of God has existed since The Beginning, will Stand Forever, and is, in fact, God.  John 1 & Isaiah 40:8.  Also, I say that we are guided away from choosing homosexual copulation in Leviticus, Romans 1, and Matthew 19 among other portions of The Word of God.  Also, I say from here, Rooted in the Love of the Root of Jesse that the movement to redefine marriage is an effort to make it appear that God is guiding us to homosexual copulation when, God has clearly for millennia Guided us away from choosing homosexual copulation.

The overarching thing here is Love.  The world sells a sliver of a small portion of love, copulation, as a thing isolated which in the end isolates us in addiction, myopia, and depersonalization of people into objects as we focus on snippets of copulation and become slaves of this focus for an event of very limited time and very limited number of people we can be with for this.

Oh so better is the Love of our Creator, the Love of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit Lavished in a Love Flood on Us.  This Love Flood is the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus God and The Holy Spirit, LLJJ.  This Love Flood that is Lavished on us, is something we can share with everybody, everywhere, every time, every situation, every heart beat, every breath, every step, every day, every minute, every hour, every year, every role, every group, every type, and every person.

Why choose the love you have to wait for?

Why not choose and Optimize with LLJJ that is 24/7/365/eternal?

Why not choose and Optimize with LLJJ following God’s Guidelines that will make your life forever better forever?

LLJJ is much more enabling and enriching and encouraging and empowering than the sliver of myopic love the world sells.

Choose Good.

Choose God.

Be Loved Best.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Therese Lisieux, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.


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