Overwhelming & Countering Islamic State

Diving to Darkness and Despair is the goal of Sissy Attacks by Islamic State on unsuspecting Citizens.  It is difficult to comprehend the depths of depravity of attacking citizens, using citizens to shield operations, and then seeking the benefits of becoming a citizen here.  We are in a fight between Islam and Christianity or a fight between Muhammad and Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.  I certainly think Satan is involved with this and sometimes am struck with the recent play with abbreviations and the similarity between ISIS and Nazi SS.

Romans 12: 1-21 is my go to for this type of thing and is quite the challenge.  I find it to be an unbelievably challenging Mission Statement for Christians.  I also find it to be Right and Effective.  We right away start thinking that this is nice to respond rooted in Love, but not practical.  The longer I live, the more I am convinced that remaining rooted solidly and completely with the LLJJ, The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit is not only the most practical, but it is also the most effective response to Satanic Sissy attacks on Citizens by Islamic State.

The healthy rooted response will win.  I have not read tons of the Koran, but what I have, to me has a dark, unhealthy root.  While the message of Jesus, The Christ is one of reaching out to each and every person, lost sheep, tax collectors, prisoners, and prostitutes.  We read at quran.com:  2:98    Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers.  Where God yearns to win back his children by Love, Allah chooses to win by other means.

The Love of Christ is the Root of Creation.  The Love of Christ is the Root of our Creator.  The Love of Christ is what Grows Greatest.  The Love of Christ is what Sings True most and will Light Up most People presented with both options.

So our most effective Countering and Winning Response to the Sissy Satanic Islamic State attacks on unsuspecting Citizens is to Stand Up and Open Up and Receive LLJJ, the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit, Grow this Amazing Love, and Share this Amazing Love with each and every person whom our Creator has Created.

The dark root will wither while the Bright Root will flourish overall, Ezekiel 17:22-24

Hard to do this thing of Opening Up and Flourishing Love amidst assault.  It is, though, Most Right and Most Effective as well as Most Contributory to building up This Gorgeous Creation according to the Will of our Gorgeous Creator.

Go Grow Good and Overwhelm the darkness with lots and lots and lots of Light!

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary and Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Michael the Archangel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.


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