Trump Cruz 2016

I betcha it is Trump Cruz 2016 for the Republican Ticket.

This seemingly impossible pairing would have a great chance of dispatching our seemingly impossible problems and setting up healthy frameworks for us to optimally flourish and be friends.

Like many faith based people, I have been alarmed by many of Donald’s actions and habits.

I remind those of us of Matthew 18:35 as well as James 3:2.

We need to remember to forgive from our heart and that Jesus reached out to, as well as hung out with, reprobates.

This pairing brings together a brilliant sales person and a brilliant constitutional dynamo statesman who is rock solid rooted in faith.

This could be an awesome combination.

Companies need engineering and sales departments.  These disparate pairings brings completeness and is similar for Trump Cruz 2016 with Donald being communications/sales and Ted being research/engineering.

Donald, in addition to being a great salesperson, is a brilliant listener and communicator to people at street level in street, genuine, language.

Ted would help Donald know what to sell and help him to be better.

I am not worried about Ted getting corrupted by the pairing and think Ted can help Donald moral up.

Then in 4 or 8 years, Ted is a better sales person and in a great standing to run for President.

And of course this would help bring together the polarized portions of the Republican faithful after this bruising primary.

Picture the Stanley Cup after a vicious, strident series.  Those who were just in multiple overtimes at each other’s throats, line up for a slow, conversational, hugging, handshake.

That Donald and Ted are both tenacious competitors, and Donald showed admiration for Ted’s competitive passion, would make them a formidable team.

Hope springs eternal.

Overarching all of this is that the significant, serious, and structural improvements that need to happen stat have a great chance of actually occurring with this pairing.

They are both Washington outsiders passionately committed to healthy, genuine, root change.

We so need oxygen of reduced taxes, lessening of regulation, and reduction of departments.  The pairing of Trump and Cruz has a great chance of doing this.

I also hope and bet, that as Lincoln, as beautifully described in the book A Team of Rivals, staffed up his cabinet with fierce opponents to assure solid policy, Trump & Cruz do the same with their Cabinet.

And this has a good chance of protecting The Word of God with regards to Supreme Court appointments.

I do think they both believe in a classless society optimized for best bounty to allow for people to best do what we do.

James 2:1.

No behind the scenes scoop.

I’m just betting.

This pairing could be really fun.


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