Constructive Reality

Reality is better created by following the plan of the Creator and constructing than by declaration.  Mrs Clinton believes that by saying “jobs” the most during the debate and talking of “investing” in people she can create jobs and better the economy.  Unfortunately the Democratic way of spending without regard to what the balance in the bank is has made our money more like that which we find in a board game.  We need money to create jobs and we need real money to create jobs, not devalued money created by turning on the printing presses.

To create real money and a demand for people to fill jobs versus having people demanding jobs we need oxygen.  We need the oxygen of less taxation.  We need the oxygen of less regulation.  This will spark and kindle the economy to grow and create real money, real demand, and real jobs.

The Democrats love stimulus of borrowing and printing money and dead end spending that is not sustainable, just a bunch of fireworks.

Enough of stimulus, we need oxygen!

Enough of reality by declaration.

Let’s lessen taxation and regulation and so provide oxygen and so create some real reality correctly that is flourishing, bounteous, vibrant, while providing more for all.

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