Contextual President Picking

James 3:2  After all, everyone of us does something wrong, over and over again: …..


Colors look different next to other colors.  In the above graphic I made, the same green looks darker when surrounded by white and lighter when surrounded by black.  This color law of context is pertinent with picking presidents.  Nobody is perfect and we all have our imperfections.  I had many other preferences for president from the Republican slate, but the people picked Donald Trump.  His loose views for copulation of course are an aspect he can improve upon.  The question, like in the graphic above, is:  “Between what two people, or colors, am I picking?”  Hillary Clinton covered up rapes of her husband and sought to discredit the rape victims like Juanita Broaddrick.  And then of course the long list of bad things that Hillary Clinton did with regards to setting up an insecure server and lying about it, along with Benghazi lies, and selling influence to international entities, make the choice for Donald Trump even easier.  The totally terrible thing with Bill and Hillary is the trail of death in their wake.  Vince Foster and many many more have ‘mysteriously’ expired in a long list that continues to just this year.  This makes Donald Trumps pursuing consensual pleasure look less bad. Between the two, Trump trumps.  In context with Hillary Clinton, Trump looks more good.

It is amazing to me that the pompous press which has promulgated irresponsible copulation for decades with the likes of Grey’s Depravity, other soap operas, and depraved movie after depraved movie, now finds Donald Trump acting out their actors acting so uncouth.  One of the most disturbing things the media promoted was when the USA Women won Gold in 2004.  The first ad that ran after the ad free game, when every young girl in the country was glued to the TV, was for a TV show with a clip of a guy walking through a sea of cubicles asking women after women if they wanted to have sex.  This same media is so outraged now?

Of course I would like Donald Trump to clean up and be better with this part of his life and pray that this happens.  A main mission of mine is to sell God’s better Love Product of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ for each and every person that is enriching, enabling, encouraging, bettering, and joyful.  The media sells love which is irresponsible, enslaving, addicting, violating, disabling, impoverishing, and leads to violence.  Irresponsibility with regards to copulation is an important aspect, difficult to forgive, and certainly not something I condone.  I likewise wish he would cease with the personal assaults and, instead, focus the attack on topics.  I am not a scorched earth fan.

I recommend, looking at the overall balance of good/bad.  On understanding how to kindle an economy and create jobs, Trump trumps by understanding that we are overdone with stimulus and it is time for the oxygen of less taxes and less regulation.  On understanding that we have to create real money to share with people instead of just printing money, Trump trumps.  On understanding that by not overprinting money we will grow real money and create demand for people instead of having people demand assistance, Trump still trumps.  On caring for those who don’t earn a lot of money now and having a real way to better their situation with a healthy economy with businesses needing people for real, fulfilling, rewarding, enriching, exciting, stimulating, jobs, Trump still trumps.  Hillary just wants to give out free candy and invest with phony money and drive us further into the gutter.  I did a two week road trip this Summer and it drove home how far down the Democrats have driven us.  On understanding that omnipresent firearms are akin to omnipresent fire sprinklers to quickly quell bad, Trump still trumps.  On understanding how to negotiate, Trump trumps.  On love of country as designed by our founders, and our designer God, Trump trumps.

The predictable pompous press reminds me more and more like Sergeant Schultz and the three monkeys when it comes to the Clinton’s long list of bad.  They are feverishly closing their eyes and ears and shouting la la la la la la la to ‘hear no evil and see no evil’ of Hillary and trying to get us to do the same.  They are trying their best to get us to just look at Donald Trump’s bad quotient and not look at the Hillary side of the bad balance.

Trump, and all of us, are not perfect.  In the context of Hillary, or Killary, Trump trumps with the most good & least bad on balance.


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  1. You are correct in your analogy. Trump certainly looks like a brighter light when compared with Hilary. This is dramatically enhanced, for me, when I recognize that Sec. Clinton could [should] be charged with rel crimes like obstruction of justice and security violations for her emails situation alone.She has shown herself unconcerned about our national security and unfaithful in obedience to other laws, from the Freedom of Information act to obedience to subpoenas from Congress. Sexual infidelity and crude language are insignificant compared to these very public offenses, which should disqualify her from any office.

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