How Possibly

How can they possibly think that?

How can they possibly vote for their Presidential candidate?

How can we possibly talk with them since they think that and do that?

With regards to the first question, I think people are all trying to make the right decision.  For those on the left, they try for abortions happening in more sanitary and safe facilities, equalizing income,  desiring to help poor, and equality.  In these narrow scopes of safety, sharing, and helping they are fine and noble pursuits and so understandable.  For those on the right, we try for safety in abortions by seeking to cease and desist abortions since they are so damaging to both mother and child no mater how the facility is sanctioned, safe, or sanitary.  We seek increasing income for all, equal opportunity for all, and keeping help where needed but hope for empowering people to grow and flourish.

With regards to the second question, people on the left are not believing the misleading statements on Benghazi, destruction of subpoenaed evidence, collusion with the debate hosts, seeking to silence victims of rape, creation of an insecure server, and premature deaths of so many people who were close to them.  The people on the right believe their candidate said the wrong and crude things on the hot mic recording but do not believe the claims of abuse.

Both left and right think their candidate can make things better for some.  The difference is the left’s candidate thinks by making things harder for those with higher incomes, they will make things better for those with less while right’s candidate finds the way to make things better for those low is by making things better for all.  I am with the better for all approach and note that we have to create money to share money.  We have spent way too many years printing money to share money.  It is time to move the United States out of the Emergency Room and away from the stimulus shock pads.  It is time for flourishing our people with the creation of real money with less taxation and less regulation.  We will employ more and have people in demand, versus people demanding.  We will also have more money to share.

In all events I hope and pray for keeping people personalized and in conversation instead of tossing them into a cartoonish cubbyhole if they are in opposition.

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