Why I

Why I am supporting and pulling for Donald Trump coincidentally has something to do with my career in architecture, sort of.  As an architect I am tuned in to what goes on behind the pretty surface to understand the structure and systems that support and enable the pretty surface.  For our overall life and all of Creation, we have a background, behind the scenes structure and system that supports our spectacularly gorgeous life.  This structure and system is the Will of God that is illustrated sparklingly in The Word of God.  After decades of playing Bible Roulette and flipping to pages to start each day during prayer time along with going to Church and Catholic grade school, I have gotten to know this positive program that helps so much to guide us well as we navigate life.  Whatever the problem, question, or opportunity, The Bible guides us beautifully in optimizing the opportunity for all in each situation.  At first it seems conflicting and confusing, but as I quote at the bottom of all my emails, Psalm 119:130 As your word unfolds, it gives light, and the simple understand.  A few posts ago in How and What to Do, I noted three verses that help guide us well with regards to seeing people as people without fear.

This underlying Operating System of God has become under assault with efforts to limit people sharing their faith in public and the efforts to edit the Word of God by the state such as with God’s Intellectual Property of Marriage.  And another travesty we have is the killing of people in utero.  I Love God and The Word of God which is one in the same according to the opening of the Gospel of John and seek to protect this glorious good operating system from editing by the State.  Keeping the Word of God clear will help us all to get our pretty society back on the foundation of The Word and Will of God.  We are no better than societies of the Old Testament that fell when they ceased to align with The Will and Word of God.  If we want to remain we need to align with The Word and Will of God and Donald Trump is the better for the two choices to do go down this road, imperfect as he is.  It is a choice between Donald and Hillary.  Any third party or write in is a default vote for one of these two so be honest with yourself and pick one or the other.  For God’s sake, I pray you choose Donald.  The Supreme Court needs to be aligned with the Supreme Being.


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