Us US Up

I understand that you are having a difficult time accepting Donald Trump, I did too.

I understand that this is difficult because of a number of things he said in his life and campaign, it was for me too.

I understand that you are concerned  some reminiscence of Germany in 1930’s, I was too.

I understand that you think that I sold out without due consideration and deliberation, I did not.

I understand that you are afraid, I was too.

I understand that you thought we could have done better, I thought so too.

I share that a prime thing with me was respecting the will of the people in the primary.  I ask you to respect the will of the people in the general election.

I know I cannot make you to forgive and trust.  I ask you to consider.

I know I cannot make you be as hopeful as I am that Donald Trump will be a very good, loving, and selfless catalyst seeking to allow the optimal building up of all for all in a very different manner than we saw him prior to and during the campaign. But I ask you to be open as you say you are open, tolerant as you say you are tolerant, and loving as you say you are loving.

I also state the obvious and note that these improvements are not going to show up at our door in a box.  Please participate and help build up all of us in the US up.  Hillary Clinton asked this too.

I without hesitation claim that people can convert drastically to the better.  I think Donald is.

I know I could be wrong.  I hope I am not.

I share that Dr. Ben Carson’s early endorsement caught me way off guard and started me on a long road to getting to be OK with Donald Trump.  Ben’s book, Gifted Hands, his life story, is by far one of the most inspirational books that I have ever read and commend it to you.  He said that in person, not in the street fighting demeanor of a campaign, Donald Trump is sincere, loving, and generous.

I share that I am very hopeful that it is not just words of hope offered but plans to allow for real growth for the poor of all colors that have voted for our president-elect in droves.

I find that the core of this election is not about fear and hate as the divisive hate painting depicts.  Rather, I find that this election is about whether we bring our nation back on our foundation aligned with The Will of our Creator and provide a sound structure for our pretty surface skin, or whether we continue to pursue a sole focus on skin and sins of the skin and drift further from our foundation and completely collapse.

Also at the core of this election is decision to build up money for all be lessening taxation and regulation and allowing for growth at ground level.  Printing and borrowing of money are dead ends.  Allowing for businesses to flourish creates a demand for people to work in real jobs with real meaning which is much better than people demanding assistance.

All through the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, we see the cycle over and over of societies rising when aligned with The Will of God and collapsing when not.  We are subject to the same parameters.

To build us in the US up optimally we have to get back in alignment with our foundation, we cannot just pursue wants which leave us wanting.  I hope you help us realign.

I say that how we treat each other on this ground level that we walk every day is the main, main, main thing.  I commend to you The Bible and joining a Christian Church to optimize your opportunity here on this Beautiful Horizon.  I like and think The Jerusalem Bible and the Roman Catholic Church are best.  This post, How and What to Do might be a good start for you in the beauty and hope of Sacred Scriptures if you haven’t swum in these beautiful words much.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit, as well as Mother Mary, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Raphael, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Michael, Saint Anne, Saint Francis, Saint Joan, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints, with each breath.

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