Dial OG

I ask those feasting on, festering in, and fostering fear to pick up their phones, dial OG, and then turn them off.  Now I ask, “Dialogue!”  Dialogue with people you agree with, sort of agree with, sort of don’t agree with, and don’t at all agree with.  I ask you to Stop this insanity of Depersonalizing those you don’t agree with.  Those who disagree with you are people, not some sort of digital cartoon for you to assault in way damaging to you and them.  Please read this article on a long term African American Female Executive with Donald Trump seeking to allay fears of her friends.  Also, I can’t bring myself to do a direct link for it due to the negativity to our President Elect and the voluminous volumes of swearing, but I am glad to see one on the left, Jonathan Pie in his ‘Who is to blame for Trump’ ditty, vigorously request those on the left to stop seeking to depersonalize opponents and further assert that that is why they lost.  He is so correct on these latter two points I was dying laughing.  The effort to make it illegal to voice an opposing opinion is failing, insanity, Orwellian, and an awful sales pitch.

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