Root Root for Trump

The root reason I campaigned for and voted for Donald Trump is that he correctly understands the trunk and root that sustain and support the pretty surface of leaves, flowers, branches, and bark.  In the Old Testament, or Hebrew Scriptures, we read how time after time people forget the roots of Creation, get too impressed with themselves, and cease to seek, follow, and honor our Creator’s Will.  They then collapse.  They all think they are above this collapse and we learn how they fall from high to low at an instant.

Our Nation was founded, more than any other in history, on seeking, aligning, following, and depending on our Creator’s Will.  It is literally as structurally unsound to remove our Creator from life and society as it is to leave a tree with no roots or trunk.

In addition to structure, ongoing Creation is better served.  Democrats seek to gather by taxation all the good stuff and then dole it out a crumb at a time in a phony umbilical cord making us slaves to them.  This communist approach has failed every time as it is not sparking us to fully contribute to the ongoing Creation of Creation.  It brings on a dependent fear of loss of doled out stuff, a carrot and stick situation.  It is far better for us to move beyond fear, open up, pray, seek God’s Will, read God’s Will, hear God’s will and live each day & breath optimally contributing to the ongoing Creation of Creation.  This builds best Love, Trust, Joy, Abundance, Employment, Jobs, Money, Cooperation, Health, Cheerfulness, and Smiles.  It gains us more stuff and allows us to feel better about our selves via sense of accomplishment.  Our contributions to the ongoing Creation of Creation will vary widely and yet all be Cherished and Valuable and Honored from a Coperior viewpoint.  We best build our minutes, days, societies , and The Kingdom of God.

The Word of God, the Manual of Life, the emanual, is a Great Guide. that I feel fortunate to spend time learning from.  I Love The Word of God.  We learn here in James 2:1 and Romans 12:16 to treat all people equally, to never be condescending, and to make real friends with everyone.  Here are a couple more verses with the text pasted in:  “Colossians 4:6   Talk to them agreeably and with a flavor of wit, and try to fit your answers to the needs of each one.  John 15:5   I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty;  for cut off from me you can do nothing.”  The Word of God helps us learn more, earn more, build more, be nicer, and solve all our problems better.  It is best to be proactively follow God’s Will than to just use The Bible for rescue me missions.  As an Architect I recognize and see the beauty of the plan and the behind the scenes vitality and support structure and systems in buildings.  I’ve never been more in awe with a plan than The Word of God.

When we choose to prohibit God from life and society we are going OffVine which disables us as much as a computer going offline.

That Donald Trump is not perfect or saintly is a surface, not root negative.  In James 3:2 we are reminded that we all do the same things wrong over and over.  We are asked to remember that we all need forgiveness and to forgive.  This is the key thing that those who are opposing Donald Trump don’t understand.  They keep flailing away at the surface stuff where we all fail and are imperfect while they are blind to Donald Trump’s solid Faith Foundation OnVine.  Donald Trump believes in God and seeks God’s full participation in his life and our lives.  Donald Trump believes in us and seeks our full participation in our lives and building up the ongoing Creation of Creation in these sparklingly beautiful United States of America.

As much as it seems like this is all about Donald Trump, what got me off the sidelines and working for him was becoming convinced that he really seeks and sees this about being all about the ongoing experiment in self government here and that it is all about us.  Donald Trump is seeking and being catalyst that enables action best in us.  Donald Trump is not seeking to overshadow and be an object of worship.  He wants nothing to do with phony umbilical cords.

And please remember he really really gets James 2:1, James 3:2, and Romans 12:16.  I don’t mean that I know he can quote these verses but I know that he sees people as people and hopes they optimize their potential without considering class, status, or skin color.  Donald also is has this right when it comes to homosexual copulation.  He is totally correct with following the tone of these three verses of welcoming and being courteous to all people at all times including those we do not agree with.  Here is an article by one of his top employees on this topic.  The history of unkindness towards those whose sin is choosing homosexual copulation is thankfully improving and Donald Trump is totally there on protecting and welcoming them.  This is terrific.

I get the sense that, and am praying that, he also will seek to support life long arrangements of people living in this manner but at once seek to have them use a new name for this new formula.  I think this is the correct way on this and have written quite a bit about this here.

The other important thing to touch on is fascism.  So much effort has been made to paint Donald Trump as fascist.  I have become more convinced that the fascist danger is actually with the left.  Really.  Start with the fact that so many people who voted for Donald Trump have not come out in public to voice this because they do not want to deal with the wrath of the those opposed.  If you are for following The First Amendment protecting The Word of God and it’s Intellectual Property and core definition of Marriage in Matthew 19:4-9 & 18, the thought police label you as a bigot and homophobe.  If you wish to follow your faith and not contribute to this theft of intellectual property by baking cakes for using a Sacred Word inappropriately, you are sued.  If you seek to protect young boys and girls from sexual predators in bathrooms by keeping them separated, you are a reprobate.  And the move to remove guns from people was a hallmark of the start of the Nazis.  Omnipresent guns are as valuable as omnipresent fire sprinklers in buildings.  They knock down problems stat until the state can arrive.

Another fascist pall is the preponderance of left thought in press and academia coupled with it becoming not only way one is allowed to think.  Open, thoughtful, and smart people are “only allowed” to think left stuff.  And the extent of the effort to steal this election by the left is staggering.  I think a good deal of the wrath from the left on this election is that they thought they had stolen enough votes to assure they won.  They are stunned that we overcome the thievery.  Not only are illegal aliens recruited by get out the vote people, but our previous President took to airwaves with a Television interview where he advocated voting by illegal aliens.

So yes I am delighted and excited for Donald Trump’s term as president.  And yes, I hope and pray for him to better his surface stuff and avoid sin more and more.  And yes, I am no better but keep on trying.  And yes, I hope and pray the best for you and yours.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Michael, Saint Anne, Saint Gabriel, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Francis, Saint Therese Lisieux, and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.


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