Amazing Amore Amuch

It is totally amazing to me how much, how beautiful, how complex, and how Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit has Created this Gorgeous Creation.

When I start to slip into sadness, I thank my way out and am overwhelmed by how amazing the Marvelous Milieu is that I plug myself into.

Look at things tiny to tall!

Look at things close and far!

Feel each breath!

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan, Saint Raphael, Your Guardian Angel, and all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints with each breath and beat.


Christ is the Climax

Jesus, The Christ, is The Climax.

Listen, Learn, Open, Obey, Follow, Do, Delight.

Best Love for Us

The Best Love for Us



The Christ,


Always full coverage.

Always full power.

Always Loving Us.

Always Looking for Us.

Always Looking out for Us.

Always Wanting Us.

Each. and Everyone of Us.

Most Empowering.

Most Enabling.

Most Freeing.

Most Beautiful.

Most Powerful.

Most Fun.

Most Joy.

Most Flourishing.

Free and Freeing for us to use Freely with Everyone at every Time, Location, and Situation.

So much better than myopic selfish addiction of un-corralled irresponsible copulation which leads to addiction, violence, slavery, killing, abuse, spiral down, and poverty under the tinkling glittering care free faux cover.

Corrall copulation to Marriage of a man and women says Jesus, The Christ, Matthew 19:4-9 & 18

Smart Healthy Helpful Joyful Wise Loving Dictate

to Help Us

Optimize Life.

Have Fun!


I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as wall as all the Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan, Saint Francis, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Anthony, Saint Anne, Saint Michael, Saint Martha, Saint Raphael, along with Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints


This be the best e-commerce & currency.

Real Heal Deal

I am glad for things progressing with improving health care regulations in the United States of America.  I voice that we still have significant progress to and the main thing is to make it simple.

The key core thing is problematic now is that it is complicated and intentionally misleading about existing conditions.  A lot of fanfare and pretty and pomp announcements claiming portability and existing conditions covered while they are not part of the insurance policies.

A few posts back in Help Heal Deal I explained my proposal of ditching the Exchange altogether since it is an incompetent unnecessary & damaging broken brokerage, requiring the coverage of all preexisting conditions, putting no lifetime limits on, covering up to 26 year old dependents, combined with tort reform.

I am a solid Republican and call for a joining of some Democratic stands with some Republican stands to make something really logical, simple, and effective that moves health care legislation and regulation to a healthy simple DNA that can move to a solid supportive background in our lives instead of it’s current front stage sad saga.

Allowing insurance companies to offer health insurance without covering preexisting conditions is like allowing car manufactures to offer cars with no brakes.  It is dumb and stupid and a non starter.  A condition of doing business in the USA when you want to sell a car here is that it must have brakes.  We do not go on and on and on about how wonderful it is that we allow people to buy cheaper cars because they do not now have to pay for brakes and how much money they saved by buying a car with no brakes when we know that the car has a very limited usefulness and life with the quick coming crash.

Rather get rid of the idiotic layer of the Exchange selling us policies that health insurance companies could sell us directly, establish real tort reform, and require coverage of existing conditions, up to 26 year olds, and no lifetime cap limitations.  A simple set of requirements will set a clear set of rules for insurers to play ball here competitively and we will have great game and gain clarity and health in our USA health care operating system.  Allowing for guaranteed issue is like playing baseball with Calvin and Hobbs where the rules are chaotic, incomprehensible, confusing, and always changing.  Fun in a cartoon and damaging to people and businesses with their employees ill served by wellness coverage.

Saying that you are requiring the covering of preexisting conditions and then not requiring it for all policies but for setting up high risk pools is high risk foolish.

For evidence I offer two things. ¬†One is our New Hampshire experience when then Governor and now Senator Shaheen ushered in guaranteed issue for group health insurance policies in New Hampshire. ¬†Operating my small architectural firm, I have been a health insurance purchaser for almost 25 years. ¬†While rates did rise with adding coverage of preexisting conditions with this ‘guaranteed issue’ clause, I did not find it go up any more than they were annually go up anyways. ¬†Of course I did hear my fellow Republican bellow about how much rates were going up because of this incessantly.

My second bit of evidence is that this can work is my experience with Liberty Health Share, a faith based healing ministry that operates like health insurance but may not be presented like health insurance.

I’ll let you check out their website to look at their rates but please know they are way affordable. ¬†They can screen for preexisting conditions and so it may seem illogical that I am offering them up as evidence for why we can get low rates with requiring coverage of preexisting conditions. ¬†The reason I reference them is that their rates are so low and have such a very low deductible equivalent, that I think that the difference between their rates and what a standard insurance company charges for a short term policy with a high deductible where they can screen out existing conditions too shows that there is lots of money to be made on health insurance and enough money to cover everything if we keep it simple.

Another thing is that, Liberty Health Share does cover preexisting conditions after a few years of enrollment and their rates still stay so low.

I also wanted to highlight Liberty Health Share since, at least in the first Republican House bill proposed, health sharing ministries were not accommodated as they were in the ACA.  I am not sure if they are.  In my previous post I share my personal story of how they covered something that I discovered just 3 weeks after signing up with them and my personal experience horror story of horror story of how bad the Exchange really is.

My plea is for simple clear rules, fierce competition, and tort reform.  This will make rates collapse and allow for people to move freely from workplace to workplace as well as focus on their work instead of trying to navigate a sick shell game about coverage which is horrid & crazy costly for both the purchaser and provider at a time of life when healthy help would be a big help.


Simple Sweet Solution

The Simple Sweet Solution to optimizing our opportunity is The Wonderful Counselor.

The Simple Sweet Solution to illness is Jesus, The Christ.

The Simple Sweet Solution to poverty is The Alpha & Omega.

The Simple Sweet Solution to addiction is Emmanuel.

The Simple Sweet Solution to slavery is The Deliverer.

The Simple Sweet Solution to chaos is The Good Shepherd.

The Simple Sweet Solution to fear is The Prince of Peace.

The Simple Sweet Solution to navigating life is The Way.

The Simple Sweet Solution to conflict is The Truth.

The Simple Sweet Solution to abuse is The Life.

The Simple Sweet Solution to dying is The Messiah.

The Simple Sweet Solution to isolation is The Savior.

The Simple Sweet Solution to loneliness is The King of Kings.

The Simple Sweet Solution to pain is The Word.

The Simple Sweet Solution to death is The Redeemer.

The Simple Sweet Solution to injustice is The Risen Lord.

The Simple Sweet Solution to satan is The Lord of Lords.

The Simple Sweet Solution to evil is the Lamb of God.

The Simple Sweet Solution for forgiveness is The Mighty One.

The Simple Sweet Solution for connection is The True Vine.

The Simple Sweet Solution for Harmony is The Son of God.

The Simple Sweet Solution to starvation is The Bread of Life.

The Simple Sweet Solution for flourishing is the Great High Priest.

The Simple Sweet Solution for cooperation is The Advocate.

The Simple Sweet Solution for encouragement is The Light of the World.

The Simple Sweet Solution to confusion is The Eternal God.

The Simple Sweet Solution for successful societies is I Am.

The Simple Sweet Solution to injury is The Holy One.

The Simple Sweet Solution to accidents is The Lord of All.

The Simple Sweet Solution to assault is The Morning Star.

The Simple Sweet Solution to disease is The Sun of Righteousness.

The Simple Sweet Solution to finding love is The Dayspring.

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him, with all those that he has called according to his purpose.

God Calls all People.

God Wants all People.

God Pursues all People.

God Desires all People.

Listen up to build up optimally and by following God’s Guidelines in The Jerusalem Bible and¬†joining The Church.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Anthony, Saint Joan, Saint Francis, Saint Anne, Saint Michael, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints with LLJJ.

Help Heal Deal

One of the things that Democrats have a hard time understanding is that lowering taxes can increase revenues.  This counterintuitive situation occurs due to increased volume of business from a flourishing of activity launched by the lower taxes.  The lower tax rate with a higher volume of stuff to tax brings a greater total tax revenue to the state as shown with Kennedy and Reagan. A similar thing that Republicans are having a hard time understanding is that making it a standard cost of doing business for health insurance companies being that they must cover preexisting conditions, children to age 26, no  and lifetime caps does not send premium costs through the roof as seen in ideal crucibles.

What those like the Freedom Caucus are not taking into account is savings gained with simplicity and clarity.  I am a Republican and have been buying health insurance for my small architectural practice for 24 years.  Then governor, now Senator Shaheen, ushered in passage to New Hampshire some years ago requirements for group insurance policies that they not allow screening out preexisting conditions.  While my party made a lot of political posturing about the great increase in premiums, I did not find the drift up that much more than other standard year to year increases.  My analysis as to why this occurred was that the companies could still make money and wanted to and so with competition sought my business by keeping premiums reasonable.

As an architect I know that if a set of drawings for a project are overly complicated with tons of unnecessary pages and details, the bids will come in higher. ¬†I have to keep things clear and clean for the bidders to understand the apple with confidence and not be adding lots of additional slush fund contingencies for things that they haven’t even been able to look at because the drawings and specifications were too much.

Another example to show why I think the Freedom Caucus similar veins of my party are being too idealistic is the analogy of highways.  We all understand that there are good reasons for safety to have speed limits.  Not having speed limits would be freer and ideal but would clog our movement due to all the accidents.

We all know totally brilliant people who have no clue about common sense.  The Freedom Caucus is being brilliant ideally but showing little common sense on this topic.

Another perspective to look at this is that screening for preexisting conditions takes a lot of time and money for both insurer and insured that is such a waste of time and money. ¬†Obviously it is hitting the insureds at tough times. ¬†It also is limiting commerce with people seeking to stay in jobs when it doesn’t make sense for them just so they can stay with their current insurer who covered them before the condition was discovered. ¬†This is horrible, inefficient, and a terrible loss of production for both employer and employee.

With healthcare legislation, we need to make some simple sane rules of the road and then open things wide open for intense competition to deliver the greatest value.

Of course as part of this the Exchange, needs to be totally ditched.  We need to be able to buy directly from insurance agencies and not be made to purchase our insurance through the Exchange who then, ever so ineptly, repurchase the policy for us from the insurance companies.  In 2015 the Exchange screwed things up so bad with me that for the first time in 24 years I had no coverage for 5 months and it was all unbeknownst to me.  I document this twilight zone horror here.

The Freedom Caucus and similar Republicans pushing for allowing for screening out preexisting conditions are asking President Trump to switch on a core campaign promise of his.  We need to respect the election and the elected.

Another piece to this puzzle is enacting a long standing Republican goal of Tort Reform.  As an architect, I have to take care and be ware of frivolous lawsuits pursuing deep pockets.  Doctors though are way way too hamstrung with these concerns at great cost to the consumers in both dollars and quality of service.

Another perspective that will help show hope and that we can actually get somewhere is Liberty Health Share.  This health sharing ministry started by the Mennonite Church is what I turned to in 2016 after my horrid experience with the Exchange.  They are not allowed to sell as a health insurance, but in my experience, it acts close enough for me.  While they are allowed to screen out preexisting conditions, Liberty does allow for a three year phase in for them to be covered.  In my case, three weeks after I started with them, my wife found a lipoma on my back.  After going through the rocky 2015 with the Exchange, I was pretty disheartened to be starting 2016 with something else.  I also wondered how it would shake out with coverage since it was something that was new to me being aware of so close to the start date.

We watched it for most of 2016 but, in the end it was decided that it should be removed in November.  Fortunately it was benign and fortunately Liberty covered it all.

I’d rather not get into quoting their rates here but leave it to you to pursue with them. ¬†I will attest to them being tremendously reasonable and literally affordable. ¬†They are also very professional, have clear documents, great phone support, and are pleasant.

Sure I can recommend people signing up with them, but more importantly, I think their rate structure and wonderful operation illustrate concretely where we can get to if we just make things clear, clean, simple, and sane.

I must add something here.  One of the really foolish things of the legislation that was pulled off the table on Friday was that it did not accommodate health sharing ministries like Liberty Health Share.  Obviously I hope, pray, and plead that these be allowed and studied as great models of hope for where we can get to in general.

Obviously, some may think I am hurting my case by sharing the faith based sharing example since they can screen for preexisting conditions.  My reason for adding this thread here is that I think health caring ministries illustrate that there is a lot of money for the making in running a health insurance company.  If health care ministries can be so very reasonable with their rates, I think there is hope for health insurance rates dropping by competition if we just get the rules sane.

So I say we need to make the rules of the road the same for all policies with coverage for preexisting conditions, 26 year dependents, pregnancy, annual checkups, no life time caps and, no community rating.  Then ditch the exchange and open up the competition wide with the interstate buys.  Pair all this with Tort Reform.  This will make healthcare salable, sane, simple, and affordable.

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USA Key Core: God

Romans 8:28 ¬† “We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love Him, with all those He has called according to His Purpose.”

We learn in all of the Good Shepherd verses like Matthew 18:12 that all are called, sought, and wanted.

Romans 8:28 is one of my favorite verses.  When it first jumped off the pages at me many years ago, the hyphen between co and operate spoke deeply to me about how our Creator Christ wants to team with us in a Pilot/Copilot type of arrangement.  This appears in The Jerusalem Bible.  We are co operators together on this whole life thing.  I was also heartened greatly by the idea of our top dog teammate seeking to work everything to our good and how much Real Love that was.

In our experiment in self governance here in The United States of America, we were founded on the trust of God’s Guiding this massive milieu ¬†and rely on that Guidance ongoing to turn everything to our good. ¬†Abandoning God abandons our support structure and operating system and leaves a mess.

I like God, thank God, appreciate God, and seek God’s Will. ¬†It’s fun and fruitful. ¬†I hope you do or try too. ¬†It’ll help your life, your family, your state, and your country.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Matthew, Saint Anne, Saint Francis, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.


Demomedia Dispatched

Trump won both the Popular and the Electoral Votes in a Loud Landslide Avalanche Stampede away from Demomedia. ¬†The Demomedia demonizes and uses scorched earth policies on the personhood of those they don’t deify. ¬†Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Dan Quail, Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Pastor Darryl Scott, Mike Cohen all strayed from the Complacent Corral and are assaulted with zero “gun control” by the Demomedia including Steve Harvey and others being labeled “Mediocre Negroes.”

NEWSFLASH FOR DEMOMEDIA:  There has been a stampede, your lassos are lost for good for good, and your corrals have collapsed to the left.  You are left with nobody listening or paying attention or paying you homage.

There are lots and lots and lots of people across all spectrums of thought, skin color, income bracket, life choices, and thought strength who cut your reins.  They like, respect, voted for, are jazzed by, and proud of their new President, Donald Trump.  You do not own them.  He hopes the best for all people and has inspired them to free themselves.

Your holograms showing prosperity through stifling taxes and regulations are not solid, supportive, or real.  And our kneeling to receive what you dole out a morsel at a time is over and out.  We live in the evidence of the collapse of your programs and your programming our thoughts and lives is caput.

While you fall further down in the Fireswamp, we get more and more excited about being beyond the corral and Working Together to Build America Great Again.  We are Freed to Last.

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Root Root for Trump

The root reason I campaigned for and voted for Donald Trump is that he correctly understands the trunk and root that sustain and support the pretty surface of leaves, flowers, branches, and bark. ¬†In the Old Testament, or Hebrew Scriptures, we read how time after time people forget the roots of Creation, get too impressed with themselves, and cease to seek, follow, and honor our Creator’s Will. ¬†They then collapse. ¬†They all think they are above this collapse and we learn how they fall from high to low at an instant.

Our Nation was founded, more than any other in history, on seeking, aligning, following, and depending on our Creator’s Will. ¬†It is literally as structurally unsound to remove our Creator from life and society as it is to leave a tree with no roots or trunk.

In addition to structure, ongoing Creation is better served. ¬†Democrats seek to gather by taxation all the good stuff and then dole it out a crumb at a time in a phony¬†umbilical cord¬†making us slaves to them. ¬†This communist approach has failed every time as it is not sparking us to fully contribute to the ongoing Creation of Creation. ¬†It brings on a dependent fear of loss of doled out stuff, a carrot and stick situation. ¬†It is far better for us to move beyond fear, open up, pray, seek God’s Will, read God’s Will, hear God’s will and live each day & breath optimally contributing to the ongoing Creation of Creation. ¬†This builds best Love, Trust, Joy, Abundance, Employment, Jobs, Money, Cooperation, Health, Cheerfulness, and Smiles. ¬†It gains us more stuff and allows us to feel better about our selves via sense of accomplishment. ¬†Our contributions to the ongoing Creation of Creation will vary widely and yet all be Cherished and Valuable and Honored from a Coperior viewpoint. ¬†We best build our minutes, days, societies , and The Kingdom of God.

The Word of God, the Manual of Life, the emanual, is a Great Guide. that I feel fortunate to spend time learning from. ¬†I Love The Word of God. ¬†We learn here in James 2:1¬†and Romans 12:16¬†to treat all people equally, to never be condescending, and to make real friends with everyone. ¬†Here are a couple more verses with the text pasted in: ¬†“Colossians 4:6 ¬† Talk to them agreeably and with a flavor of wit, and try to fit your answers to the needs of each one. ¬†John 15:5 ¬† I am the vine, you are the branches. ¬†Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty; ¬†for cut off from me you can do nothing.”¬† The Word of God helps us learn more, earn more, build more, be nicer, and solve all our problems better. ¬†It is best to be proactively follow God’s Will than to just use The Bible for rescue me missions. ¬†As an Architect I recognize and see the beauty of the plan and the behind the scenes vitality and support structure and systems in buildings. ¬†I’ve never been more in awe with a plan than The Word of God.

When we choose to prohibit God from life and society we are going OffVine which disables us as much as a computer going offline.

That Donald Trump is not perfect or saintly is a surface, not root negative. ¬†In James 3:2¬†we are reminded that we all do the same things wrong over and over. ¬†We are asked to remember that we all need forgiveness and to forgive. ¬†This is the key thing that those who are opposing Donald Trump don’t understand. ¬†They keep flailing away at the surface stuff where we all fail and are imperfect while they are blind to Donald Trump’s solid Faith Foundation OnVine. ¬†Donald Trump believes in God and seeks God’s full participation in his life and our lives. ¬†Donald Trump believes in us and seeks our full participation in our lives and building up the ongoing Creation of Creation in these sparklingly beautiful United States of America.

As much as it seems like this is all about Donald Trump, what got me off the sidelines and working for him was becoming convinced that he really seeks and sees this about being all about the ongoing experiment in self government here and that it is all about us.  Donald Trump is seeking and being catalyst that enables action best in us.  Donald Trump is not seeking to overshadow and be an object of worship.  He wants nothing to do with phony umbilical cords.

And please remember he really really gets James 2:1, James 3:2, and Romans 12:16. ¬†I don’t mean that I know he can quote these verses but I know that he sees people as people and hopes they optimize¬†their potential without considering class, status, or skin color. ¬†Donald also is has this right when it comes to homosexual copulation. ¬†He is totally correct with following the tone of these three verses of welcoming and being courteous to¬†all people at all times including those we do not agree with. ¬†Here is an article by one of his top employees on this topic. ¬†The history of unkindness towards those whose sin is choosing homosexual copulation is thankfully improving and Donald Trump is totally there on protecting and welcoming them. ¬†This is terrific.

I get the sense that, and am praying that, he also will seek to support life long arrangements of people living in this manner but at once seek to have them use a new name for this new formula.  I think this is the correct way on this and have written quite a bit about this here.

The other important thing to touch on is fascism. ¬†So much effort has been made to paint Donald Trump as fascist. ¬†I have become more convinced that the fascist danger is actually with the left. ¬†Really. ¬†Start with¬†the fact that so many people who voted for Donald Trump have not come out in public to voice this because they do not want to deal with the wrath of the those opposed. ¬†If you are for following The First Amendment protecting The Word of God and it’s Intellectual Property and core definition of Marriage in Matthew 19:4-9 & 18, the thought police label you as a bigot and homophobe. ¬†If you wish to follow your faith and not contribute to this theft of intellectual property by baking cakes for using a Sacred Word inappropriately, you are sued. ¬†If you seek to protect young boys and girls from sexual predators in bathrooms by keeping them separated, you are a reprobate. ¬†And the move to remove guns from people was a hallmark of the start of the Nazis. ¬†Omnipresent guns are as valuable as omnipresent fire sprinklers in buildings. ¬†They knock down problems stat until the state can arrive.

Another fascist pall is the preponderance of left thought in press and academia coupled with it becoming not only way one is allowed to think. ¬†Open, thoughtful, and smart people are “only allowed” to think left stuff. ¬†And the extent of the effort to steal this election by the left is staggering. ¬†I think a good deal of the wrath from the left on this election is that they thought they had stolen enough votes to assure they won. ¬†They are stunned that we overcome the thievery. ¬†Not only are illegal aliens recruited by get out the vote people, but our previous President took to airwaves with a Television interview where he advocated voting by illegal aliens.

So yes I am delighted and excited for Donald Trump’s term as president. ¬†And yes, I hope and pray for him to better his surface stuff and avoid sin more and more. ¬†And yes, I am no better but keep on trying. ¬†And yes, I hope and pray the best for you and yours.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Michael, Saint Anne, Saint Gabriel, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Francis, Saint Therese Lisieux, and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.

Hacks Hocking Harry Hacking

Ho ho ho. ¬†Really? ¬†Democratic Hacks are hocking hacking by hairy Russians? ¬†The same political Hacks who hosted unprotected illegal risky servers are hocking a hairy Russian hacking smokescreen to try and get us to not look at that outrage of setting up illegal email servers and what they wrote on their emails? ¬†And the polished paid political appointees of the outgoing president are flapping their yappers in chorus like Clapper? ¬†And the same ‚Äúcollapsed to the left press‚ÄĚ is twitching in their collapse with the Buzzfeed/CNN publishing items that Mother Jones found unverifiable and not meeting journalistic standards of veracity? ¬†In their collapse to the left, they do not yet realize their rejection. ¬†Maybe they will rest in pieces.

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