Real Heal Deal

I am glad for things progressing with improving health care regulations in the United States of America.  I voice that we still have significant progress to and the main thing is to make it simple.

The key core thing is problematic now is that it is complicated and intentionally misleading about existing conditions.  A lot of fanfare and pretty and pomp announcements claiming portability and existing conditions covered while they are not part of the insurance policies.

A few posts back in Help Heal Deal I explained my proposal of ditching the Exchange altogether since it is an incompetent unnecessary & damaging broken brokerage, requiring the coverage of all preexisting conditions, putting no lifetime limits on, covering up to 26 year old dependents, combined with tort reform.

I am a solid Republican and call for a joining of some Democratic stands with some Republican stands to make something really logical, simple, and effective that moves health care legislation and regulation to a healthy simple DNA that can move to a solid supportive background in our lives instead of it’s current front stage sad saga.

Allowing insurance companies to offer health insurance without covering preexisting conditions is like allowing car manufactures to offer cars with no brakes.  It is dumb and stupid and a non starter.  A condition of doing business in the USA when you want to sell a car here is that it must have brakes.  We do not go on and on and on about how wonderful it is that we allow people to buy cheaper cars because they do not now have to pay for brakes and how much money they saved by buying a car with no brakes when we know that the car has a very limited usefulness and life with the quick coming crash.

Rather, let us get rid of the idiotic layer of the Exchange selling us policies that health insurance companies could sell us directly, establish real tort reform, and require coverage of existing conditions, up to 26 year olds, and no lifetime cap limitations.  A simple set of requirements will set a clear set of rules for insurers to play ball here competitively and we will have great game and gain clarity and health in our USA health care operating system.  Allowing for guaranteed issue is like playing baseball with Calvin and Hobbs where the rules are chaotic, incomprehensible, confusing, and always changing.  Fun in a cartoon and damaging to people and businesses with their employees ill served by wellness coverage.

Saying that you are requiring the covering of preexisting conditions and then not requiring it for all policies but for setting up high risk pools is high risk foolish.

For evidence I offer two things.  One is our New Hampshire experience when then Governor and now Senator Shaheen ushered in guaranteed issue for group health insurance policies in New Hampshire.  Operating my small architectural firm, I have been a health insurance purchaser for almost 25 years.  While rates did rise with adding coverage of preexisting conditions with this ‘guaranteed issue’ clause, I did not find it go up any more than they were annually go up anyways.  Of course I did hear my fellow Republicans bellow about how much rates were going up because of this incessantly.

My second bit of evidence is that this can work is my experience with Liberty Health Share, a faith based healing ministry that operates like health insurance but may not be presented like health insurance.

I’ll let you check out their website to look at their rates but please know they are way affordable.  They can screen for preexisting conditions and so it may seem illogical that I am offering them up as evidence for why we can get low rates with requiring coverage of preexisting conditions.  The reason I reference them is that their rates are so low and have such a very low deductible equivalent, that I think that the difference between their rates and what a standard insurance company charges for a short term policy with a high deductible where they can screen out existing conditions too shows that there is lots of money to be made on health insurance and enough money to cover everything if we keep it simple.

Another thing is that, Liberty Health Share does cover preexisting conditions after a few years of enrollment and their rates still stay so low.

I also wanted to highlight Liberty Health Share since, at least in the first Republican House bill proposed, health sharing ministries were not accommodated as they were in the ACA.  I am not sure if they are.  In my previous post I share my personal story of how they covered something that I discovered just 3 weeks after signing up with them and my personal experience horror story of horror story of how bad the Exchange really is.

My plea is for simple clear rules, fierce competition, and tort reform.  This will make rates collapse and allow for people to move freely from workplace to workplace as well as focus on their work instead of trying to navigate a sick shell game about coverage which is horrid & crazy costly for both the purchaser and provider at a time of life when healthy help would be a big help.